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The European championship on the referenda, the second round: Ireland

the Passions which have inflamed in the western press after the Danish voters on a referendum by a majority of votes have refused to enter into uniform Europe on principles of the Maastricht contract (see #23, p. 31), stormed all those two weeks which separated national will in Denmark from similar action in Ireland. Only having learnt in the morning on Friday (on June, 19th) results of the Irish referendum, supporters panevropeizma at last a little pouspokoilis.

Within two weeks the idea of the European unity raised serious doubts. Polls in Ireland did not inspire any confidence that referendum results in this country will be positive. Uncertainty was promoted also by some other events.
So, against any expectation, objective economic laws have not punished obstinate Danes for their unwillingness to assent to EU. Business activity in the country has not fallen at all, and position of the Danish crone in the European currency market remains quite stable. Results of the poll spent to Germany here have appeared in time. According to poll if in Germany under the law the referendum could be held, the majority of Germans would express against participation of the country in the Maastricht agreement. Simultaneously some governments of the German earths have supported that it is independent and irrespective of bundespravitelstva to solve a question on membership in EU.
have raised the voice against the agreement on uniform Europe and in opposition adjusted tori in Great Britain. They began to demand also from the government of the Major of carrying out of a referendum concerning contract ratification.
Disturbing position, according to mass media, has developed in France. Marked and earlier activity and growing popularity right and the centrists acting (in various degree) against contract ratification, became now an occasion to anxiety - in connection with a referendum which in France will take place approximately in September. Wide publicity was received by a non-admission case on territory of France agitgruzovika in the length of 50 foots which crossed continent for the purpose of propagation of ideas of the European unity.
only after the announcement of positive results of the Irish referendum the western mass media have partly come round and have found out that it is a question of two absolutely various approaches to the European unity. For Danes certain inconveniences and considerable enough deductions are connected with unity on grants to needy member countries of Community, such as Ireland. Last on each Irish pound enclosed in common cause, receives from EU six Irish pounds under various programs of the help and consequently should vote for.
the Press immediately recognised that in any way it is impossible to name results of a referendum unexpected. Have remembered and that since July the Community post of the head who will occupy not other as John Mejdzhor who has achieved in Maastricht from companions on EU almost everything that wanted. In the general opinion, the Major can and should during the presidency on the British example convince as well Danes that the term uniform Europe at all does not mean the uniform state with capital in Bruxelles. Have again noticed that circumstance that except consecutive European Delora of other applicants for a post of the head of the Commission of EU is not present. And in the meantime in the homeland of Delora, to France, parliament has begun discussion of the Maastricht agreement and has come to a conclusion that for conformity to the contract in the constitution of the Fifth republic followed change a number of positions, and polls have confirmed that the majority of Frenchmen supports its ratification.