Rus News Journal

Contrary to a popular belief that revolutionary epoch abound svezheustanovlennymi with revolutionary holidays, legalisation of the Russian democratic holidays passes with a great scratch from what, possibly, follows that our epoch far not so revoljutsionna as it paint. Anyway, the Russian deputies resolutely did not wish to recognise on June, 12th as day of the Russian independence and, temporarily having suppressed requirements of the patriotic heart, have agreed to consider day of national grief as day of national fun only 11 - go in the evening. Such drama mental strife speaks that the opposition as the leader of cadets M.G.Astafev has explained, is going to establish an own national holiday - - day of exile of an antinational clique of Yeltsin - - Gaydar. But as the clique is not expelled yet, to name concrete day, certainly, inconveniently.

However, having concerned without a due piety the new established holiday, in the most celebratory image its vituperators have spent this day just: near Ostankina copper of orchestras sounded, wood of banners rose and the special unification of persons inherent only in the big holiday and estates reigned: the severe critic of democracy A. G.Nevzorov, the author of the appeal in protection of young Russian democracy of prof. V.B.Isakov, and also truly Russian people, by means of artly executed slogans assuring that to Jews of mercy will not be - all have been rallied by one sincere impulse and promised without sparing to struggle the stomach with Bush`s time occupational government - Yeltsin. Thereby, by the way, patriots also have confirmed strenuously circulating hearings about changes in the Russian office: in formulas of patriotic invectives E.T.Gaydar did not appear any more in quality sopravitelja B.N.Yeltsin. However, if experts of cosmopolitan sense continue to fluctuate in definition new sopravitelja: whether V.F.Shumejko, whether V.N.Tchernomyrdin, whether A.I.Volsky experts - patriots have taken occasion by the forelock at once and have defined in sodiktatory to Boris Nikolaevichu g - on Bush.
Interesting opening has one interesting consequence: now it is absolutely not clear how to interpret the appeal of the connected opposition extended on the eve of organic day to the western mass media. The matter is that communists and patriots on behalf of the Russian public actively struggling with a former totalitarian mode, have urged the democratic countries of the West to support them in struggle against B.N.Yeltsin`s approaching dictatorship. The appeal sustained in the spirit of references of the Moscow Helsinki group of the sample of 1977, seeing in leaders of the West of last defender and the patron, in all senses was good and touching, however, declaring g - on Bush Yeltsin sopravitelem, patriots have put the American administration before an unsoluble riddle - if communists struggling with a totalitarian mode and patriots see in g - not Bush the main villain paternal they trustfully call the notorious tyrant and the invader to support Russian democracy ruined by it? Unless S.N.Baburin and V.B.Isakov as people magnanimous and rather inclined to deep internal regenerations, do not deny such ability and for g - nom Bush who, by their example, will renounce the former errors and with words: Forgive, the people orthodox! will expel away the sopravitelja B.N.Yeltsin, takes on its place With. N. Baburina also will enter in territory of the occupied Russia a fair rationing system on all kinds of the goods and services. Perhaps, the guess is true, for B.N.Yeltsin really rather was frightened and is now urgent pospeshaet to Washington to g - well to Bush to persuade sopravitelja anything such not to do.
the meeting with g - nom Bush, possibly, will be deprived a due gratefulness, that is why, like Dmitry Donsky who has solved before a meeting with khan Mamaem to receive the blessing in the Troitsk monastery at prep. Sergija, B.N.Yeltsin also has hastened in monastery behind the patriarchal blessing, and also behind the latest news is religious - the public life, expressed that Kiev and Galitsky Philaret (Denisenko) have cast out the metropolitan from a dignity for raskolouchitelstvo, kljatvoprestuplenie and bludodejanie. And while and belief orthodox and Russia autocratic Are a source of so numerous and so indecent temptations, the authority inovernogo R.I.Hasbulatova who has made hadzh to Mecca and now as respectable hodzha, can sit rightfully in presidium VS of the Russian Federation in a green turban especially should increase.