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The Moscow subscribers, it appears, can be not only Muscovites

the Kemerovo long-distance telephone exchange (MTS) plans to connect on a commercial basis the Kemerovo subscribers to the Moscow city telephone system. New service is calculated on the commercial enterprises with strong communications outside of region. Its advertising campaign in several local editions on June, 22nd will begin.

As Nina Podporina while it is a question of allocation to Kemerovo one cable channel of the raised quality for demand research has informed the chief of Kemerovo MTS. The tenant of this channel will receive the Moscow telephone number and possibility direct (without a set of a long-distance code) an exit on long-distance and international Moscow stations. Cost of using the channel will make approximately 190 - 200 thousand The rbl. a month or is less - if the client can offer an additional mutually advantageous lease term.
Experts notice that new service represents not that other, as commercialisation of conversion potential: telephone numbers of MGTS in Soviet period local bodies of the Ministry of Defence, KGB and the large industrial enterprises which in new conditions are compelled to refuse them from - for rises in price of a telecommunication service had.
that circumstance concerns lacks of phone with the Moscow number that in Kemerovo it is almost impossible to use it. Negotiations in a city from it can be conducted only through capital long-distance station.
However as service is calculated on the organisations, rich enough to have some telephone numbers, and also in view of unsatisfactory quality of a long distance communication in Russia, the Kemerovo signalmen consider that new service will cause heightened interest of large commercial structures of a city. Nina Podporina has informed that it already has received some demands for the Moscow numbers.

phone for inquiries in Kemerovo: (3842 55 - 33 - 09.