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Saddam Hussein recognised GKCHP. And only it

the Management of the USSR hopes that time emergency measures will find due understanding from the people and the governments, the United Nations . (From the Reference to heads of the states and the governments and to the secretary general of the United Nations.)

the Management putchistov has informed the world through the message in the United Nations that the banner of the reorganisation which have dropped out of weakened hands of Gorbachev, in reliable hands of reformers from GKCHP. However practically all leaders of the West, and also a management of the European community have unanimously condemned the revolution which has occurred on August, 19th. Actions putchistov have been defined as unconstitutional. Session of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the European communities (EU) has discussed on August, 20th position in the USSR and has raised the question about freezing of the large-scale help of EU to Soviet Union.

Last news from the USSR - reference GKCHP in the United Nations, confronted world community with a fait accompli revolution. This reference putchisty intended to prove legality of the unusual coming to power.
the Result of this enterprise, however, has appeared unexpected enough. Two recognised GKCHP only. Namely: the leader of the Libyan revolution of Muamar Kaddafi and the hero wars in Persian gulf Saddam Hussein. The first (Kaddafi) thus at all only recognised, but also has praised, naming revolution well made business . And second (Hussein) has expressed hope that thanks to revolution we will restore balance of forces of the world .
As to other countries already the first messages of news agencies have shown that the United Nations such the countries GKCHP does not know and does not want to recognise. From Security council member countries only China has expressed neutrally under the pretext of refusal of intervention in our internal affairs. On August, 20th US president George Bush not only did not recognise GKCHP, as appears from the statement extended by the White house, but also has demanded to return to the power of the lawful president of the USSR. And the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain John Mejdzhor, the president of France Francois Mitterand, German chancellor Helmut Kohl, the prime minister - the minister of Spain Filipe Gonsales, leaders of Scandinavian and other European countries has unequivocally condemned putchistov.
the West was not limited to statements and has supported an appeal of the president Bush to freeze programs of the help of the USSR. The prime minister - the minister the Major has already declared freezing of the technical help of the USSR in volume of 85 million dollars. On August, 20th Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the countries of the European community at discussion of position in the USSR also have raised the question about freezing of the mullions-strong help of EU to Soviet Union. The commission of the Congress of the USA has declared intention rigidly to supervise deliveries of the American agricultural products in the USSR.
that fact testifies to the international support of the duly elected authorities in the USSR that representatives of embassies in Moscow support constant contact to a management of Russia. On August, 20th the Russian president Boris Yeltsin was visited by representatives of embassies of the USA and Germany. And the day before Yeltsin has sent the message to the president Bush with the situation analysis in the USSR. As a result of these contacts the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Kozyrev has left on August, 20th for a trip on the western countries which has begun with Paris.
the greatest concern in connection with a military coup d`etat in the USSR is tested by countries of Eastern Europe which in the recent past already had similar experience. Heads of Poland, Cheho - Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria have spent emergency meetings with Ministers for Foreign Affairs, of defence and internal affairs and have made the decision on strengthening of the eastern frontiers.