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The Moscow apartments again in the price

last week demand for private apartments in Moscow in this connection the prices for them in comparison with the beginning of June have grown on 30 % has sharply increased.
Experts of the largest firms specialising on trade by real estate, explain situation change first of all to that in the beginning of June of the price for apartments have fallen to a minimum level, than and buyers have hastened to use. Besides, experts explain growth of demand aspiration to put up money in real estate in expectation of a new coil of inflation, and also considerable inflow of nonresident buyers.

Experts of the leading firms specialising on trade by real estate - BANSO, MTSBN, Savvy and joint-stock company the Housing initiative - have noted demand which has sharply increased for last ten days for private habitation. For example, MTSBN for a week has dumped 14 apartments though until recently it was possible to it to sell for the same term no more than six. Demand growth has naturally caused also a rise in prices: if in the beginning of month one-room apartments bought not more expensively, than for 1,2 million rbl. now - for 1,7 million rbl.
experts explain the Current situation the several reasons. In - the first, the sharp increase in demand is caused by that in the beginning of June of the price for private apartments have reached a minimum level: market cost of square metre of habitation - about 50 thousand rbl. - was made even to the cost price of its building (expenses for building in 1 sq. m make 17 thousand rbl., and taking into account a building cycle in ones and a half - two years and payments under credits the cost price in 1 sq. m - increases to 45 - 50 thousand rbl.) .
In - the second, according to experts BANSO and MTSBN, explosion of consumer activity is connected with accruing inflationary expectations. Hearings that currency means of the Central Bank for an outcome (see #24, p. 7), force on the threshold of a new coil of inflation actively them to dump holders of rouble means, putting in real estate.
Besides, the increase in quantity of transactions speaks considerable inflow of the nonresident buyers, which interest to habitation acquisition in Moscow, as they said, is caused by the late information what to own the Moscow apartment it is possible and without a residence permit.
to predict the further development of a situation experts, however, do not undertake yet. For finding-out of real price conditions in the market of private apartments some firms intend to spend in the near future for a long time the forgotten auctions.

phones for inquiries: MTSBN - (095 202 - 72 - 87; BANSO - (095 148 - 08 - 06; the Housing initiative - (095 200 - 41 - 45; Savva - (095 362 - 68 - 68.