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Service 907 has opened: girls do not finish till 3 mornings

on June, 17th the Moscow joint-stock company Service 907 has started rendering to clients of new paid service - sexual service by phone. The service is organised as existing all over the world Phone - Sex .

joint-stock company of the closed type Service 907 it is registered in Moscow in January, 1992
Founders - private persons. The authorised capital stock is not disclosed. Under the contract from joint-stock company, a profit part as the shareholder receives MGTS. Contact phone of joint-stock company: (095 907 - 20 - 65

Services Services 907 are intended the men who have reached of 18 years, capable to be content with intimate dialogue by phone. On conditions games From them it is not required anything, except how to dial the necessary number. Their interlocutors (from 18 till 30 years) are trained to keep up the conversation and to conduct it in any channel necessary to the client. On supervision of experts, they manage to carry away conversation even strongly drunk men. It is forbidden to employees of service to stop conversation by the first.
girls basically in-home work, to clients they are connected by operators.
Cost of conversation 15 rbl. a minute (in the first 5 minutes) with the subsequent fall of the price to 11 roubles a minute. Group dialogue, thus the tariff is provided grows proportionally to number of participants.
one of managers Services 907 Gennady Beljakovich has brought some results of the first days of work. A record of the first day was 6 - hour conversation. The majority calling for bravery have drunk. Approximately 90 percent of sufferers could not phone. Girls have proved that sincerely love the business. The description of their work intended for the newspaper News it has been removed from number under the order of the assistant to editor-in-chief Nikolay Bodnaruka. Me as if to a dirt took out - Bodnaruk on an editorial board has told. Has not accepted advertising Services 907 radio station Europe plus - for the reason erotichnosti. Beljakovich promises that in a month to 907 each interested person will phone: already there is a new set.

girls accept by phones (095 907 - 13 - 01 and 907 - 31 - 01 daily from 5 evenings till 3 mornings.