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The resistance chronicle

the Central television in the program Time has transferred the reporting on events round the building of House of Councils of Russia surrounded with barricades. It seemed, these a barricade - a unique line of resistance to putsch.
Meanwhile, immediately after it became known about revolution, the resistance wave has swept on all country. We publish far not a full report of events of the last two days in the Russian cities.

Tomsk on August, 19th in 14. 30 by regional radio city heads and areas have addressed to inhabitants of Tomsk. They have informed that actions of a new management are not adequate to the situation which have developed in the country. The Tomsk authorities are not going to support a new management.

Sverdlovsk on August, 19th members of presidium of a regional council have approved the reference rosijskogo managements to citizens of Russia and have accepted to execution the Decree of the President of RSFSR for N 59 from August, 19th. In the evening the City Council presidium has voted for introduction in a city of prestrike readiness. At meeting of representatives of labour collectives of Sverdlovsk (there were nearby 700 persons) the city strike committee has been created.

Perm Since morning on August, 19th in the Perm regional executive committee there was a meeting on which there were representatives of Office of Public Prosecutor, militias, KGB, the Soviet bodies. All participants of meeting recognise the Russian power, with sympathy concern Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Telegrammes are directed to cities and areas of the Perm area with the request to provide an order and calmness.

the meeting which has Come to the end late at night on August, 19th of deputy group Demrossija The Omsk City Council was made by the decision in all possible ways to extend in Omsk the Reference to citizens of Russia signed by the Russian management, and also texts of Decrees of the President of RSFSR. However, according to deputies, hardly it will manage to be carried out in any of city or regional newspapers from - for rigid control over the press, proclaimed GKCHP. The unique exit recognises performance of deputies on a cable television And/ About teleomsk covering the network two microdistricts of a city in which live in total about 30 thousand persons.

Vorkuta At 0 o`clock on August, 20th miners of association Vorkutaugol have stopped work and have begun a political protest movement against a military coup d`etat in the country. Such decision is accepted on August, 19th at session Vorkuta city working stachechnogo committee (VGRSK). On all mines, and also among townsmen the reference " is extended; To citizens of Russia signed VGRSK, Independent trade union of miners of Vorkuta and Federation of trade union of workers of the coal industry. It is in circulation said that in the country there was a revolution which has been carried out a small group of conspirators . In this connection leaders of working and trade-union movement express legitimate authority support, in particular - to the President of RSFSR Boris Yeltsin.

Kamchatka on August, 20th in 12. 00 chairman of the Kamchatka country council the captain of the first rank Peter Premjak has addressed to inhabitants of region. we are solidary with the estimation of an event stated by the president and a management of the Russian Federation. In our territory the duly elected Soviet power, the constitution of the Russian Federation, the constitution of the USSR before signing of the new allied contract " continues to operate;.
Representatives UKGB and the Departments of Internal Affairs have declared that will carry out country council orders.

Nizhni Novgorod in Bottom has taken place on August, 19th populous meeting concerning decree GKCHP. On meeting Boris Yeltsin`s reference " is read; To the people of Russia . With appeals JAnaev - the traitor! freedom to Gorbachev! down with junta! Yeltsin with us! the column of demonstrators has proceeded on the central city street to a television centre building. The People`s Deputies heading a column, have demanded from representatives of committee on TV and radio to transfer on the Nizhniy Novgorod TV the reference of the lawful President of Russia to its voters. The group of deputies has organised constantly operating stachkom at the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies.

Barnaul Under the informal data on August, 19th in krajispolkome the meeting on which the regional committee on state of emergency should be created prepared, however committee creation has been postponed after reception of the Decree and the reference of President Yeltsin. The deputies who have gathered for session krajsoveta in the categorical form deputies have demanded from chairman of the council Alexey Kuleshov to remove from tomorrow`s number of the newspaper the Altay truth documents GKCHP. Having familiarised with the Decree of President Yeltsin, Kuleshov promised not to publish materials GKCHP.

Novosibirsk All laws and orders of the duly elected government of Russia will be carried out - has declared to the correspondent PF the chairman of the Novosibirsk regional council, the People`s Deputy of RSFSR Vitaly Muha after end of extreme meeting of heads of area, representatives of law enforcement bodies and military men.

Tyumen As has informed, acting in the evening on August, 19th on local TV the chairman of the Tyumen regional council Yury Shafranik, the Presidium of the Tyumen regional council has come to a determination that creation of the state commission on state of emergency is the anticonstitutional certificate.

Syktyvkar Late at night session of Presidium VS of Komi by the Soviet Socialist Republic on August, 19th has ended. As has informed agency PF the member of Presidium Valery Prokhorov, sense of the accepted statement is reduced to that before ratification of state of emergency in the country Verhsovetom of the USSR, in territory of Komi of republic the duly elected Supreme power will operate.

Chelyabinsk on August, 19th the chairman of the Chelyabinsk City Council Vadim Solovev having acted on meeting, has informed on an emergency meeting of presidium of a regional council on which it is confirmed that in a city and area the Constitution and laws of RSFSR operate, all completeness of the power belongs to the Soviet bodies.

Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region
In the night from 19 for August, 20th political strike of 5 mines of a city has begun.

Tula At session of presidium of the City Council where there were representatives of the Department of Internal Affairs, KGB, a military registration and enlistment office, garrison and democratic parties, the chairman of the City Council has read decrees of the president of Russia. The deputy the chief of Department of Internal Affairs Kamahin has assured that the militia will submit to the government of Russia. Actions GKCHP were supported by chairman UKGB and the chief military - political department OVK.

According to radio service of House of Councils of Russia, the Rostov regional council has created the extreme committee similar GKCHP which supervises all mass-media in area. The Volgograd regional council completely supports the Russian management. Same the position is occupied with the authorities of Arkhangelsk. In Koryak autonomous region under the decision of the authorities translation of the first all-union radio program is interrupted. Radio of Koryak autonomous region which hands over the information on decisions of the Russian management documents of the government of RSFSR works only. Heads of divisions of KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and frontier troops in autonomous region territory have confirmed the adherence to the President of RSFSR. Publications also leave with documents of a management of Russia. A similar situation in the Magadan area, on Kamchatka and on Sakhalin.

on August, 19th the management of independent trade union of miners has supported Yeltsin`s appeal about the beginning of termless political strike from 0 o`clock on August, 20th.
as of evening on August, 20th - in Kuzbas 43 enterprises, from them - 35 mines strike.
- in Vorkuta 11 mines strike, - on an Uralmash and in Severo - Uralsk have passed meeting and prestrike readiness is declared.
decisions on strikes are accepted on meetings in Pervomaisk and Pavlograd in Ukraine.