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Azerbaijanians go

Karabah again became Armenian - Azerbaijan

Week of active military operations in Nagornom Karabahe for the first time for 4 years has brought success of the Azerbaijan national army (ANA). By a weekend under control ANA there was proclaimed in structure NKR a Shaumjanovsky (Geranbojsky) area of Azerbaijan, a flat part of Mardakertsky and 4 villages Askeransky areas NKR.

the Armenian party explains precipitancy of the Azerbaijan approach by transfer ANA of 100 tanks by a military management of the Russian Federation and participation of the Russian military men in fighting operations that the Ministries of Defence of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan deny. To stop the Azerbaijan approach, the Armenian forces of self-defence are ready to blow up a dam of Sarsangsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION that threatens with flooding to Mardakertsky area Nagornogo Karabaha, Rubbed - to Tersky and Bardinsky areas of Azerbaijan.
under indications of captured military men ANA, the plan of the operation begun on June, 12th assumed approach by forces of a landing and armour in three directions: Agdam - Askeran, Mirbashir - Mardakert, Todan - Shaumjanovsk, then groupings should incorporate for blow across Stepanakert. According to Vagana Shirhanjana, the state adviser for safety at the president of Armenia, operation is completely daring only in a direction of Todan - Shaumjanovsk.
Approach to Askeran has been stopped in the beginning of week. In spite of the fact that fights go to 5 km from Mardakerta, Armenians managed to beat off villages Sarhavend having strategic value and Kichan. At returning of Sarhavenda 10 units of armour (tanks T - 72 have been grasped and an armored troop-carrier), to 200 military men of the opponent were lost, and the majority of victims - Slavs.
under indications of the captured officers - Slavs, in an hour of attack it is promised to them to 15 thousand rbl. the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Pavel Grachev in conversation with Shirhanjanom has declared that deployed in Azerbaijan 4 - I the Russian army observes a strict neutrality, and the officers captivated by Armenians - not the Russian military men, and mercenaries with whom Armenians can arrive at own discretion. Council of self-defence NKR has made decision to shoot the mercenaries which rights are not protected by the international certificates, unlike citizens of Azerbaijan whom, being prisoners of war, are subject to internment and an exchange. As have given the correspondent in service of information MO of Azerbaijan, in Nagornom Karabahe military men ANA, citizens of Azerbaijan of any nationality fulfil the patriotic duty.
Experts express various opinions on an outcome undertaken ANA of approach. It is obvious only that Russia which has become in Tashkent by the military ally of Armenia, does not hasten to carry out of the obligations on protection of its frontier areas which are exposed to bombardment from territory of Azerbaijan.
any party does not give the exact information on the losses. But from Azerbaijan there is at least one victim. On Tuesday in Baku in Avenue of victims funeral of TV reporter Chingiza Mustafaeva (32 years), the author of a film about tragedy of the Azerbaijan village Hodzhaly on January, 20th have taken place. CHingiz has been killed by a mine splinter in village Nahichevanik at attempt to embody approach ANA.