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The government calms the Far East

Kashchej Immortal - Valery Maharadze`s personal enemy

14 - on June, 19th the Far East has visited vitse - the prime minister of Russia Valery Maharadze. During a trip similar to Yeltsin visits to strategic areas of Russia, vitse - the prime minister involved local authorities on the government party, in an exchange promising to head in the last a Far East lobby.

Valery Maharadze, 53 years. Served on Kamchatka in air defence, worked as secretary Ust - Kamchatka RK VLKSM. Headed supervisory commission of the Russian government, in March, 1992 it is appointed vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation. Being responsible for regional transformations and enjoying of Yeltsin`s special trust and Burbulisa, in the government has a reputation a steam locomotive - a pusher and the person for special missions.

Threat of a stop of the enterprises of a Far East defensive complex from - for absence in region of a cash has demanded urgent occurrence on a place of the authorised representative of the president - on that only to the reason, what not everywhere Yeltsin is in time itself. Same testifies to political weight of Maharadze. Its mission (a route: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij - Southern - Sahalinsk - Vladivostok - Khabarovsk), similar to the purpose of last trips of the president of the Russian Federation on strategic regions (Vorkuta, Ural Mountains, Buryatiya), consisted in preventive calm places . And the government is ready to take essential steps towards to provinces, as has shown Maharadze, having proclaimed: the period of a survival for Russia has ended and having specified: building of the state which is under construction from below first of all " has begun;. The recommendation From here followed heads of local administrations - to read the Russian laws with a pencil in a hand to take out from streets garbage and more often to climb to the remote place .
Maharadze has promised that, protecting interests of the Far East in a question of illegal fishing in the Russian economic zone, it will swear with all the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including too liberal Georgian to foreign partners - deputy minister George Kunadze. vitse - the prime minister considers: sea of Okhotsk needs to be protected from foreign fishers up to refusal of granting of the technical help by it, fuel and the foodstuffs. In advantage dalnevostochnikov vitse - the prime minister has not developed other directions of lobbying, and questions on destiny of Southern Kuriles answered nekonkretno: he is not engaged political aspects . Though observers do not exclude that Maharadze, uvlekshis lobbying, will head a wing of opponents of transfer of Kuriles of Japan in a counterbalance of a line of Kozyreva and Kunadze.
During a trip except support dalnevostochnikov vitse - the prime minister has shown the propensity to figurative speech. Opponents of reform he named red khmers and the capital lying without movement, - Kashcheem Immortal . Also has specified ways of liquidation of Kashcheja: all capitals, covered in joint-stock company, associations and the joint venture to select and then to legalise in the form of a pure private property.