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Building in Moscow: licences

the First deputy of the prime minister of Moscow Vladimir Resin has signed on June, 15th the order about introduction of the state licensing of building activity. The size of a payment for licence reception fluctuates from 5 thousand to 50 thousand rbl. and depends on quantity of licensed works. Foreign firms and joint ventures should get licences for currency.
Licensing is supposed to be finished for two years.
will grant licences centre specially created for this purpose mosstrojlitsenzija .

the Order about introduction of licensing of building activity assumes that all enterprises and the organisations (irrespective of patterns of ownership), and also the private persons, assuming to begin or already begun in Moscow, licences for all kinds of carried out works should obtain building of this or that object. Will give out, register and cancel licences the centre mosstrojlitsenzija - body specially created for this purpose.
to obtain the licence, it is necessary to present to the centre authorised documents and data on the technician, at the enterprise or organisation disposal.
Besides, the future licensee should receive three responses from consumers and give quality assurances of carried out works.
as has informed fulfilled duties of the general director mosstrojlitsenzii Yury Stoljarov, in a current 1992 - 93 Licences should be received all building - assembly, engineering - to the prospecting and design organisations, and also manufacturers of building materials. First of all licences should receive the organisations and the enterprises registered after January, 1st, 1989, then licensing will concern the structures having more considerable experience in building business. In two years activity of the organisations and the private persons who do not have licences, will be forbidden.
the size of payment for registration and delivery of licences for realisation of building activity is established depending on quantity of licensed kinds of works and fluctuates from 5 thousand to 50 thousand rbl. Foreign firms and joint ventures will pay licences currency, however concrete quotations for them are not defined yet. Both currency, and rouble tariffs for reception of licences will be indexed taking into account inflation.

phone mosstrojlitsenzii : (095 291 - 93 - 92.