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The speaker suited Russian - Georgian - the Osset conflict

Ruslan Hasbulatov - each butt a fuse

Zajavlenie Ruslana Hasbulatova about possible occurrence of South Ossetia in structure of Russia has been regarded on June, 15th in Tbilisi almost as declaration of war.

on June, 15th to stop civil war in Georgia the Russian speaker Ruslan Hasbulatov who has promised undertook that the parliament of Russia will consider the problem on occurrence of South Ossetia in structure of the Russian Federation - if on that there will be a will of the South Ossetia people.
the head of the State Council of Georgia Shevardnadze, naturally, has considered it an insult for sovereign Georgia also named the statement of Hasbulatova a fuse to a butt with gunpowder . However, houses - in Russian Goskomnatse have not understood the head of parliament also. Making comments on the statement of Hasbulatova, the vice-president of committee Hadzhbikjar of Sides has told to the correspondent: Why - that seems to me that this intervention in internal affairs of other state . The committee basically agrees input of the Russian armies to South Ossetia, but at the reference with such request of all Georgian people. However, according to vice-president VS of South Ossetia Alan Chochieva, for input of peacekeeping forces of Russia there is enough wish of a management of South Ossetia. And the statement of Hasbulatova says that in Russia only pretend that are anxious by a situation in Ossetia, but to undertake really gather nothing .
Disorders in Georgia suffice and without the Russian intervention. On June, 13th in the centre of Tbilisi has been blown up red Zaporozhets the filled 60 kg of trotyl. From explosion some houses have collapsed and 5 persons were lost. However the vice-president of the State Council of Georgia Dzhaba Ioseliani - the attempt purpose - has had time to pass a zone of explosion and at once has defined that fascists tried to kill him, mercy which will not be now. Later, on vsegruzinskom meeting Mhedrioni Ioseliani has declared that until will reveal all fascists in republic, a policy will not leave and will participate in parliamentary elections coming by autumn that earlier did not enter into its plans.
Namerenie Ioseliani to prolong the political life has displeased among a part of the Georgian politicians believing that Ioseliani together with Kitovani should go on the deserved rest as they not in forces to master the children - Mhedrioni and national guards. On June, 13th in Burn national guardsmen have undertaken storm of the Russian tank regiment. Military men have beaten off attack, seriously having damaged neighbouring houses together with inhabitants. On one of the versions, ZakVO persistently denied by command, the confrontation has been caused by failure of illegal sale of army technics for which Georgians have already paid the deposit.
attack of Tshinvala on June, 7th (p. see #24, 19), by a recognition of the commander of guards of Gii Karkarashvili, too was the amateur performance caused bothered shooting from the Osset party and undertaken without the knowledge of Tbilisi. Similar activity of national guardsmen starts to tyre local population, and offended by such relation of the population of Karkarashvili zasobiralsja in resignation. And though Karkarashvili has confirmed that submits to the State Council, operations in South Ossetia proceed - the joint account of victims for last three months has exceeded 200 persons.
though unapproved shooting also has caused to the vice-president of the State Council a political loss, according to observers, after attempt (or its performances) influence of Ioseliani in certain degree will be restored.