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Nizhegorodtsy health officers of Nizhni Novgorod have taken a hepatitis

Yesterday declared scale flash of a hepatitis of A.Za the last some days with this diagnosis are hospitalised almost 300 nizhegorodtsev, and, under forecasts of physicians, the number of patients can essentially increase. The flash reason is not established yet, however, as epidemiologists, fault to all water from - under the crane assume.
more than half from 300 hospitalised patients live in Sormovsky area, the others - in Kanavinsky. The diseased deliver in two infectious hospitals but as doctors predict growth of number of patients, for their reception two more city hospitals are going to reorientate. Governor Valery Shantsev already took this business under personal control.

a virus hepatitis And - an acute infectious disease amazing a liver. Viruses are allocated with excrements of the person and infect water. The hepatitis And also can be transferred with a saliva. The incubatory period - 21 - 28 days. Then disease symptoms (rise in temperature, pains in muscles, vomiting, a liquid chair) are shown. The Most appreciable sign of disease is pozheltenie a skin and fibers of eyes. Illness lasts two - three weeks.

at the moment health officers are engaged in search of a source of disease. Anything defined they while cannot tell, however the majority of experts tend to that fault to all the infected water from - under the crane . Proving this version, management of Rospotrebnadzora refers to the data of poll of the diseased which has shown that 25 % from them drank not boiled water. Infektsionisty have already started to investigate water tests, results of their checks will be known over the weekend.

the main health officer of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Evgenie Petrov has assured that obligatory vaccination of workers " in the near future will be spent; the Nizhniy Novgorod water canal And also the enterprises which are engaged in manufacture of kvass and aerated drinks. As the laboratory chief of Institute epidemiologii and microbiology Michael Mihajlov has explained, the inoculation from a hepatitis Instead of enters into a so-called calendar of obligatory inoculations. it do to localise, for example, in case of emergency only epidemic centre, - he has declared. - the inoculation is considered expensive - one vaccine costs an order of $30 (for comparison: the price of a vaccine from a hepatitis In - no more than $3) . Last large flash of a hepatitis And in Russia has occurred in June of this year in the Tver region. Then for two weeks have caught more than 600 persons. According to epidemiologists, production of the local enterprise " became the flash reason; Rzhevpivo . Investigation of this business proceeds.

the main health officer of Moscow Nikolay Filatov has informed that the Nizhniy Novgorod flash is not dangerous to Muscovites, as well as the products arriving from region in capital. To catch, it is necessary to add a virus in each cookies, - mister Filatov has told. - And it as you understand, is excluded . Meanwhile Nizhniy Novgorod sanvrachi predict that the adverse situation with a hepatitis can last at least month .

, Nizhni Novgorod; JULIA - OSIPOV