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Taiwan is torn in the United Nations

Anniversary, 60 - j by session of General Assembly of the United Nations opening today in New York, Taiwan wants to use to bring up a question on restoration of the membership in this international organisation. It has lost it in 1971 when the USA recognised in quality the government of the Peoples Republic of China is unique the lawful government of China and have broken off diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Attempts to correct injustice Taiwan unsuccessfully undertook since 1993. And here now it has replaced tactics. Besides a usual appeal to return it membership in a staff - United Nations apartment the offer has been directed to make active United Nations role in world maintenance in Taiwan strait which is under the threat in view of acceptance by China of the law on counteraction to country split, legalizujushchego application against Taiwan unpacific means . In the document signed by chapters 11 of the countries, having dipotnoshenija with Taiwan, it is underlined that inclusion of Taiwan in the United Nations will show adherence of this organisation to a principle of the universality which has been written down in its charter, aspiration to the world and global cooperation. Thus in Taipei say that refusal to Taiwan in its natural right will be to mean as a part of the United Nations that reasonings on the world and the equal rights within the precincts of the United Nations - no more than an idle talk.