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Communists in the power

In the parliament lower chamber Brazil representatives of communist party of the country by results of the elections which have taken place on October, 6th, 2002, occupy 12 of 513 places.
in national meeting Vietnam representatives of communist party on the past elections have received on May, 19th, 2002 404 places from 498. Since 1997 the president of the country is the member of Communist Party the Tub So Lyong.

In parliament Greece from 300 deputies 12 - communists. On elections on March, 7th, 2004 representatives of Communist party of Greece were supported by 5,9 % of voters.

in parliament India 53 from 543 deputies of national (bottom) chamber - communists (43 representatives of Marxist Communist Party of India and 10 representatives of Communist Party). On passed in April - May, 2004 elections the Marxist Communist Party was supported by 5,5 % of voters, and Communist Party - 1,4 % of voters.

In parliament Italy following the results of the elections which have passed in May, 2001 representatives of the party Rifondazione Comunista (the Reformed Communist Party) occupy 11 places in the lower chamber (Chamber of Deputies) from 630 and 3 places in the senate from 326.

Communist party China (handheld computer), according to the constitution, is unique correcting in the country. The chairman of the Peoples Republic of China the secretary general of the Central Committee of party is invariably selected. In the country 8 more parties operate, having the right to expose candidates on local elections, however actually 100 % of state posts in the country are occupied with communists. The handheld computer is the most mass party in the world, in its numbers of 60 million persons.

the national assembly Cuba (601 deputy) is fully completed by representatives of communist party of the country. Following the results of the elections which have taken place on January, 19th, 2003 representatives of other parties have not got to parliament.

In parliament to Moldova 56 mandates from 101 belong to communists. Following the results of elections on March, 6th, 2005 the Party of communists of Republic Moldova (PKRM) has won a victory, having typed 45,98 % of voices. The representative of Communist Party of Marin Lupu, and the first vitse - the speaker - the communist Maria Postojko became the speaker of parliament of the country. The president of the country Vladimir Voronin also is the representative of Communist Party.

in republican assembly Portugal from 230 deputies 12 - members of communist party. On the past on February, 20th, 2005 elections of communists have supported 7,6 % of voters.

in national assembly (the parliament lower chamber) representatives of the French communist party occupy France 21 of 577 places. On elections 9 - on June, 16th, 2002 communists were supported by 4,8 % of voters. Communists have 23 places from 331 in the senate of the country which is selected an electoral college.