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To charter carriers enter reservation system

Yesterday it became known, as. An island of the head of Federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation) Alexander Jurchik has signed the order toughening the requirements to charter aviatransportations. In particular, the aviation authorities promise to demand rigidly from airlines of presence of reserve planes on a case of a delay of flights. According to the airlines, new requirements of Rosaviation will strike first of all on the carriers renting planes.
the order of mister Jurchika enters Recommendations about a procedure for test and grantings of the information for the analysis of schedules of a turn of aircrafts at performance by aviation enterprises of charter flights . In detail to tell about them in a press - service of Ministry of Transport yesterday have refused, having specified only that it is a question not so much of new requirements to charter carriers, how many about more rigid regulation of procedure of the coordination of charter flights . According to the representative a press - services, now, in particular, from airlines will necessarily demand presence of reserve boards. Also the oral coordination of flights is forbidden and personal responsibility of officials for delivery of permissions to them is established. the Absolute guarantee that the departure will not be excellent or transferred, it does not give. But the probability of occurrence of such situations will reduce - mark in a press - service of Ministry of Transport.

according to the airlines, first of all new requirements of Rosaviation will strike on the carriers renting planes. for the carriers having own planes, strict observance of rules of reservation can turn back the missed benefit, - the commercial director ` Continental airlines ` Savin`s Hope speaks. - it is necessary to those who rents liners more hard. Idle time will yield them losses, to estimate which size while difficult . First of all problems can arise at airlines which do not have planes and which leasing payments should pay: it is extremely unprofitable to hold on the earth reserve boards, especially if it is foreign cars, - the director of airline VASO Biso Kvirkvija considers. - If Rosaviation it undertakes serious for reservation, it will seriously affect the market .

As of today in the list of the airlines which have suffered from introduction of new requirements, the airline " could occupy the first place; WIM - avia . It works exclusively with foreign planes - in the beginning of this year the company took in leasing of 12 second-hand liners the Boeing . During all summer season charters WIM - avia regularly were late, and it is frequent - for days and more: second-hand Boeings broke, and reserve liners at a carrier chronically did not suffice. On it regularly informed news agencies. However, today in WIM - avia assert that are able fulfil Rosaviation requirements. if this order left in the beginning of June, it would lead to some complexities, - the chief of department of marketing and advertising ` WIM - avia ` Olga Rossik speaks. - Now the tourist season comes to an end, and will fulfil requirements of Rosaviation much easier even to those carriers which do not expect park replenishment in the autumn. We in the nearest future wait for arrival of four additional liners that will allow us to correspond to wishes of the authorities .

Tour operators meanwhile doubt that the Rosaviation will manage charter reform. how much these measures will be effective and equally applicable to all participants of the aviation market that is very essential, will show time, - the general director of the company ` tells the Capital - round ` Inna Beltjukova. - We know weight of examples when, as a matter of fact, correct intentions of the aviation authorities and did not lead to the planned result .