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It became the manager of the highest international class

Yury Mihajlovich Zapol - the president of a group of companies " has untimely died; Video of Interneshnl the president of the Russian academy of advertising.
the talented, bright person - sozidatel, Yury Mihajlovich has devoted twenty years of life to creation and development of the domestic advertising industry and tele-radio broadcasting. At its active participation passed formation of all largest television channels. For these years it became not only one of leaders of the Russian business, but also the manager of the highest international class. Generously sharing the knowledge with colleagues, it has brought up the whole school of domestic advertisers.

Yury Mihajlovich had huge authority and respect of colleagues on shop. Being the founder and the president of the Russian academy of advertising, it and energy gave many forces to development of one of the most dynamically developing branches of the Russian economy.

Bright, charming, vysokoobrazovannyj the person, kaveenshchik at heart and to spirit, Yury Mihajlovich selflessly served the business and loved life in all its displays, was the loving and careful father, the husband and the son. Light memory of Jurii Mihajloviche Zapole for a long time will remain in the hearts of all who worked with it, created new Russian television. We present condolences to the family, friends and Yury Mihajlovicha`s colleagues.

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