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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic has damaged the Flame

Yesterday in Grozny the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic has been fired. Insurgents have let out on it 18 shells from an easel grenade cup discharge and have disappeared on the car. An essential damage to a building it is not put, but seven militiamen and casual prohozhaja are wounded.
Bombardment of a building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs located in Old Promyslovsky area in the Altay street, 17, has begun nearby 11. 40 also proceeded no more than three minutes. Any of 18 shells has not got to a building, all pomegranates have blown up in a court yard in 20 - 30 m from an input. As have told in the ministry, fragmental wounds have received casual prohozhaja and seven militiamen, including one lieutenant and the ensign. All victims are hospitalised, threat for their life is not present.

six staff carriages, in the yard the ministries, and two office cars - " Are damaged; Volga and BMW. In a building, according to militiamen, Some glasses yes are beaten out the external wall " is scratched by splinters;. we Work in a former mode - have told in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

searches of criminals of result have not brought. As militiamen consider, bombardment was conducted from distance approximately 1,4 - 1,5 km from regular easel grenade cup discharge AGS - 17 the Flame . It, as a matter of fact, a small artillery piece which can let out one minute prior to 420 shells. To serve it two persons should.

most likely, these reptiles had an incomplete cartridge box, on staff in it there should be 29 pomegranates. Well all of them that was, and pulnuli, - one of field investigators has told. - AGS - 17 beats on 1700 m but correctly to work on it, it is necessary to study long, and here the layman obviously shot: has pressed a trigger and has let out all pomegranates simply towards a building, without correcting fire .

the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Chechen Republic upon bombardment has brought action about terrorism and an encroachment on life of law enforcement officers. The public prosecutor of republic Vladimir Kravchenko is assured that at criminals already is not present silenok on large actions, but it is necessary to fulfil money, here and find different ways to make a noise, show that like they in force .