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The legal expert pursue for publications of separatists

Yesterday to the chief executive of the Society Russian - the Chechen friendship (ORCHD) to Stanislav Dmitrievsky have changed the status of the witness on the case of kindling national break a set on the status of the suspect. In the near future accusation will be brought to it, and business will be transferred in court. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has raised on January, 11th, 2005 criminal case upon appeals to realisation of extremist activity in two publications of the newspaper ` Legal assistance ` published ORCHD. According to the investigation, texts, namely Aslan Maskhadov`s reference to EuroParliament with the request to influence Russia for the purpose of the war termination in the Chechen Republic and Ahmed Zakaeva`s reference to the Russian people with an appeal not to vote on presidential election for Vladimir Putin, contained signs of infringement of item 280 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Public appeals to violent change of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation ) . In the end of April, 2005 business has been retrained on item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Excitation national, racial and religious hostility ) Also has returned to regional Office of Public Prosecutor. Nevertheless, as chief executive ORCHD Stanislav Dmitrievsky has informed yesterday, on August, 11th it has been interrogated already as the suspect on business and the senior inspector of regional Office of Public Prosecutor Oleg Kirjukov set all those questions, as earlier . The suspect continues to consider that citizens have the right to know opinion of the Chechen party in the conflict . According to the suspect, it even is glad to a forthcoming presentation of charge: This absurdity was obviously tightened . If the court recognises Stanislav Dmitrievsky guilty, it is threatened with imprisonment for the term from two till four years. The regional Office of Public Prosecutor running business already seven months, from comments on the case of kindling national break a set abstains, referring to secrecy of the investigation.

, Nizhni Novgorod