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  Towards to elections the Apple have put on the account in an United Russia Yesterday in Khabarovsk has passed session of political council of regional branch of party an United Russia (ER) on which members ER which is a part of the primary organisations, have offered the lists of candidates of a regional legislative thought on uniform election district, and also candidates on one-mandatory districts. We will remind that the regional thought has appointed the next elections of local parliament to December, 11th, 2005. Political council session passed in the closed mode. According to the chief of department on public relations of executive committee of Khabarovsk branch ER of Vladimir Shihaleva, at session opinions and offers on candidates only listened with delight. we have made its closed because there is only a discussion of nominees - has explained g - n Shihalev. Public discussion of nominees from ER will take place at conference which will pass in the beginning of October. However it is already known that will head list ER the speaker of a regional thought Yury Onoprienko. At yesterday`s session of political council its participants have agreed to accept in supporters ER and to put on the account in Komsomol branch of the citizens who have left party the Apple . As informed , on September, 1st at an emergency meeting of the city organisation of political party the Apple its leader Alexander Abrajukov has declared that the council of branch consisting of seven persons, has made the decision on an exit from the Apple also has suggested to liquidate city partjachejku.

  The demarche Deputy Imadaev prepares to otstavkevchera committee on the regional policy and legality of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Primorski Krai has confirmed a package of documents which will be considered at session of regional parliament on September, 28th in connection with the initiative of deputy Adam Imadaeva about an exception of item 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation of point 3 forbidding to the president to hold the post more of two terms successively. According to mister Imadaeva, restrictions of terms of activity of the president of the Russian Federation directly break constitutional laws and freedom of citizens: the right to select and the right to be the selected works, provided items 32 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation . Yesterday deputy Imadaev has declared that on approval of its initiative by the majority of the deputy case chances practically are not present . With deputies have actively worked. The strong president is not necessary to officials. Their ideal - the weak-willed drunkard - Adam Imadaev has told. The member of parliament has promised that if on September, 28th ZS will not support its legislative initiative it in protest will combine deputy powers. Most likely, mister Imadaevu should refuse the mandate of the member of parliament: the majority of deputies do not hide negative attitude to the initiative of the colleague. and effective the power, the law limited can be strong only. And a unique guarantee from lawlessness - removability of the power - the chairman of committee on the regional policy and legality Nikolay Morozov considers. to make changes to the Constitution it is possible not earlier than in 50 years. I will vote against the offer of Imadaeva - the speaker of parliament of Primorski Krai Sergey Sopchuk has declared .
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok

  The regional budget will live Primorski Krai without deficiency and profitsitaadministratsija Primorski Krai has submitted for consideration in Legislative Assembly (ZS) region the project of the regional budget for 2006. It is supposed that the budget will be sufficient, incomes and expenses will make 25,165 mlrd rbl. (it on 1,303 mlrd the rbl. exceeds indicators of current year). At the forecast of a rate of inflation of 8,4 % and growth of a total regional product of 7,2 % the total sum of own incomes of the regional budget for 2006 is predicted at a rate of 16,435 mlrd rbl. the Speaker of regional parliament Sergey Sopchuk has not excluded possibility of that in the first reading the budget project will be already accepted at the nearest session ZS on September, 28th. However in the second reading the budget will be considered, most likely, in November. probability of that the sizes of financial support of regions from the federal budget will be reconsidered aside their increases, is very great. New initiatives of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with which he has acted on September, 5th, demand strengthening of a social component in budgets of all levels. In these conditions regions have the right to count on the additional help - mister Sopchuk has explained. In case of increase in transfers from the federal budget seaside deputies in November can return to procedure of the first reading to change key parametres of the regional budget for 2006.
Alexey TCHERNYSHEV, Vladivostok

  Hydrocarbons Exxon Neftegas has promised to give to gas in October Yesterday the governor of the Sakhalin region Ivan Malakhov has met the president of the company - the operator of the project Sakhalin - 1 Exxon Neftegas Steve Terni. As have informed in a press - service of administration, the course of realisation of the shelf project became the basic theme of conversation. Mister Terni has informed that the company starts oil recovery and gas according to the plans confirmed earlier - in the beginning of October, 2005. By this time civil work on the objects necessary to start delivery of gas will be finished. In the end of September it is planned to sign the definitive contract of purchase and sale with consumers of Khabarovsk territory. Besides Exxon Neftegas ( a daughter American ExxonMobile) into a consortium enter Rosneft Japanese SODECO and Indian ONGC.