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Deputies gordumy have accepted the charter of Perm

Yesterday deputies of the Perm municipal duma have accepted new edition of the charter of Perm in the second reading. Now the city constitution it is completely brought into accord with the federal legislation. However the majority of Duma members are assured that the authorised epopee on it will not end, and in October from giving of regional administration on consideration the new charter of a city assuming delegation of power in a city to hired city - to the manager can be brought. The city authorities try to develop the project of the new charter of Perm already more half a year. In February, 2005 on the instructions of deputies gordumy over the project of the new charter the Ural legal academy (Ekaterinburg) has started to work. It was supposed that the mayor will be selected deputies gordumy from the structure and simultaneously to be the chairman of a thought. But against such variant the Perm political parties and the head of Perm Arcady Kamenev have acted. Then the variant in which direct elections of head remained, has offered and. An island of the governor of Prikamye Oleg Chirkunov. Under its version the selected town governor remained the head gordumy, and real economic powers would be executed by hired city - the manager.
the variant of mister Chirkunova was supported by working group under the charter, but on May, 11th the project of the new charter has been taken out on public hearings where the majority of the acting have subjected to its rigid criticism. After that has been decided not to accept the new charter, and to finish the operating document as that is demanded by the federal legislation, and thus to keep all completeness of executive power for the mayor. The corrected charter has been considered at June plenary session and accepted in the first reading. However, in the second reading the document then has not been accepted, and term of work on it have prolonged till August, 15th.
yesterday the definitive variant of the charter has been considered at plenary session PGD. Deputies have prepared for the project of 45 amendments the majority from which, truth, had technical character. The amendment changing an order of acceptance of changes in the charter became one of the most important. Developers of the document have offered, that for change there were enough two thirds of voices of number of the selected deputies, however Duma members have suggested to consider two thirds of the established quantity of deputies. and with what this amendment is connected? - has addressed vitse - speaker Michael Shirinkin to one of its authors to Olga Sapko. If all deputies we will avoid a situation when the charter will change a small amount the person " at once are not selected; - madam Sapko has there and then explained.
the document there are more than disputes has not caused and has been accepted by majority of votes. It is remarkable that further in the agenda the question on prolongation of a term of appointment of working group under the charter till December, 1st appeared. Officially the question was brought if the charter will not be accepted. At the same time one of deputies has declared that powers of working group are prolonged as well because next month the new charter can be brought in a thought . In working group to discuss and discuss more conveniently - he has declared. However, as a result deputies nevertheless have decided to disband working group.
nevertheless, the majority interrogated members of parliament are assured what to speak about end an authorised epopee early. Yes, term of working group have not prolonged, but it changes nothing. Though in October though in December the charter can be again brought in a thought assuming, for example, city presence - the manager - deputy Alexey Gribanov considers. Its colleague Denis Ushakov adheres to the Same opinion also. I would not put an end in this question: as the situation will develop, is not clear yet - he has noted.
At the same time the high-ranking source in regional administration has declared that the regional authorities nevertheless have decided to refuse advancement of the variant of the charter of Perm. at the given stage the understanding of has come what easier to support any candidate on elections of the mayor and to receive necessary result, than with a scratch to accept the new charter and to enter the person on city post - the manager - has assured a source.