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Duma members have confirmed a design procedure of tariffs for journey Yesterday the Perm municipal duma has confirmed a new technique of formation of tariffs for transportations in public transport. The new technique represents a set of mathematical formulas which pay off on the basis of a number of indicators: expenses for updating of a rolling stock, the salary to workers, expenses on PETROLEUM PRODUCTS and other. Next month experts of committee in transport have promised to present calculations under the journey cost price in city passenger transport proceeding from which, deputies will confirm the tariff for transportations. we will calculate the cost price of transportation of one passenger, and will accept the tariff a municipal duma - the chairman of city committee on transport Oleg Borovik has declared . Also, according to the chief of committee on transport, gorduma will solve, whether by a new technique fare will be raised from inhabitants of Perm completely or, in that case if fare will be too high, in what size the missing sum will be compensated from the budget.