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Michael Mashkovtsev has handed over the prize-winning sums

Yesterday in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij governor`s reception in honour of crew of a bathyscaphe the EXPERT - 28, suffering disaster in a bay of Birch Kamchatka at coast has taken place from August, 4 till August, 7th, 2005. Crewmen have received from hands of the governor envelopes from 10 thousand rbl. to everyone, reading and writing and flowers. failure has occurred in the morning on August, 4th in a bay Birch on Kamchatka. An independent underwater shell (the EXPERT - 28) “ the Prize “ has been lowered from the ship “ George Kozmin “ a separate battalion military - salvage ships of Incorporated grouping of armies and forces on severo - the east of the Russian Federation. The device on which board there were seven persons, has gone down on depth in 200 m and left to coastal shumopelengatornoj to hydroacoustic system (BGAS) distant detection of underwater objects which needed under repair. Under water at a bathyscaphe the hydroacoustic station of the circular review has failed. The crew actually blindly continued maneuvering therefore the screw was hooked for a scrap of a trawling network with a steel cable and has lost a course, having got confused in a fishing net, cables and hoses BGAS. “ the Prize “ has emerged only on August, 7th when pilotless English device Scorpio 45 cut puty. Seamen have spent under water more than three days.
Solemn reception of submariners by the governor has taken place in administration of the Kamchatka area. Specially for participation in it from Moscow on peninsula there have arrived representatives of Audit Chamber of the Russian Federation. On an official meeting with the authorities there has arrived all crew “ the Prize “: the assistant to chief designer TSKB “ Lazurite “ Gennady Bolonin already is in Nizhni Novgorod, and the navigator the EXPERT - 28 senior warrant officer Anatoly Popov has not returned yet from holiday.
the governor of the Kamchatka area Michael Mashkovtsev has handed over to crewmen “ the Prize “ Past week come back from military sanatorium situated near Moscow, the reading and writing of regional administration and monetary awards. Handing over bouquets of red carnations and imprinted reading and writing gold “ For diligent and faultless execution of official duties, for professionalism and the courage shown in an emergency situation in territory of the Kamchatka area during the period from August, 4 till August, 7th, 2005 “ mister Mashkovtsev has told that it, “ as well as all Kamchatka, with a sinking heart watched operation on rescue of seamen “. The governor has thanked crew for the shown courage: “ the Endurance of crewmen gives an occasion to pride of ours Military - marine sea fleet. Thanks for valour. Thanks that have escaped contrary to all hardship “.
Except colours and reading and writing Michael Mashkovtsev has handed over to crewmen of a bathyscaphe the EXPERT - 28 envelopes, in each of which was on 10 thousand rbl. of Means for monetary compensation are allocated from the federal budget. “ I am not assured that this sum can though partially to compensate experiences of your relatives in those difficult three days, - governor Mashkovtsev has noticed. - it is not assured that this money compensates moral and physical activities which you have tested those days. But I think that this money will be to your families very opportunely after rehabilitation holidays from which you have just returned “.
During conversation with submariners the governor has declared that, “ judging by messages of mass-media, all investigatory actions concerning you have ended, and any questions concerning you will not be considered “. Later Michael Mashkovtsev has explained in telephone conversation with the correspondent „“ that referred to the statement of the commander-in-chief of the Navy Vladimir Masorina that all guilty are already named and among them only representatives of a management of Pacific fleet. However, by data „“, one of versions of the investigation assumes fault of commanders of the crew which was on “ the Prize “. “ Remembering your confident answer to the Minister of Defence - „All of us we want to continue to serve further“, I from the bottom of the heart wish you successful continuation of service “ - governor Mashkovtsev has told to submariners.
Vitse - the governor Larissa Bobrovnik has added to the told: “ Difficult and difficult work at you, service, but from all those extreme situations which should you be tested, you with advantage leave. We, women of Kamchatka, are proud that at us live and such men, strong, strong, brave serve! “
on behalf of crew the EXPERT - 28 has thanked for the handed over gifts the commander of a battalion of salvage ships the captain of I rank Valery Lepetjuha: “ Many thanks to all inhabitants of Kamchatka for that feeling of empathy and care of us when we were under water! “
It is expected that already next week, having passed military - the medical commission, crewmen the EXPERT - 28 leave in the sea campaign first after incident on a salvage ship “ Grigory Kozmin “. Whether will go down under water, they still do not know. After an official part of reception the governor has invited submariners to a buffet table.
IVAN FOMIN, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij