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Maxim Sushinsky has finished the former command

past Monday, in the main match of the third round of the championship of the Russian hockey superleague the Dynamo has won Avant-guard - 4:3. Solving goal was hammered in an overtime by Maxim Sushinsky, in last season supporting an Omsk command. In struggle of basic contenders for Pavel Datsyuk the concrete result while is not present - business has reached arbitration committee.
at all fans very expert in hockey secret kitchen know that Avant-guard and the Dynamo for a long time do not get on. Both on ice, and out of it. Past summer they have passed time and again each other road in the transfer market, and now conduct desperate fight for the brightest star of a superleague of Pavel Datsyuk. Yesterday`s negotiations in what have not resulted. The business, which outcome interests fans much more, than results of the first matches of the championship, has reached arbitration committee of Federation of hockey of Russia and Professional hockey league. The situation with Datsyuk`s contract will be considered by arbitration committee PHL on September, 20th.
avant-guard we will remind, has concluded in the beginning of September with tsentrforvardom the contract. However the Dynamo for which that played last season, having repeated the offer of Omsk club, has returned the rights to it. But omichi assert that Muscovites have broken before regulations: have not signed, as that is demanded by a rule, with Datsyuk the labour contract in ten-day term after the expiration former (on May, 12th).
As to yesterday`s game it has begun without a swing. Omichi, supported by tribunes, at once have tried to grasp the initiative. First at them everything turned out, except a finishing throw. Goalkeeper Vitaly Yeremeyev on the first minutes was the outstanding public figure as a part of visitors. But on an outcome of the seventh minute Maxim Kuznetsov who has played in due time for Detroit Red Wings, club which too has not left still hope to catch Datsyuk, has broken rules, and Avant-guard remained in minority. The first link of Muscovites Maxim Sushinsky - Evgenie Fedorov - Alexander Haritonov almost did not leave one and a half minute from ice, but has played - taki superfluous. A throw Sushinsky which tribunes, by the way, have met an applause, the goalkeeper Avant-guard Norms of Marakl has reflected, however the defender dinamovtsev Evgenie Korolev - 0:1 has appeared the first on dobivanii. It is Literally in a minute realnejshy chance to double account has missed Maxim Spiridonov - owners, appear, are lost.
however catalepsy Avant-guard lasted not for long. The second half first period and the beginning of the second have passed with appreciable advantage omichej. On 26 - j to minute they have evened up scores. Andrey Kovalenko from - for a collar has laid out a washer precisely on a stick standing in loneliness on pjatachke to Dmitry Zatonsky, and that in one contact has forwarded it to a grid. But the arbitrator of a match Alexey Gorsky has not fixed a capture of gate, having suspected that attacking owners was at the moment of a throw in the area of gate. The video review has shown that so it and was.
in three minutes Yeremeyev again got a washer from a grid of gate. Only this time Mountain, someone another did not doubt any more that all has been made by rules. Dmitry Rjabykin, having clicked that there are forces from a dark blue line, has got in most the nine . Avant-guard during this moment had numerical advantage. However has not passed also minutes as owners had to begin all with the beginning. The second goal dinamovtsev have organised Feodors and Haritonov. The first has thrown, and the second hardly has corrected a washer.
In second half second the period and the beginning of the third omichi were very close to evening up scores, but, instead of hammering, have unexpectedly passed firm dinamovskuju counterattack. Vadim Shahrajchuk, having entered into a zone of the contender, has rejected a washer to Leonid Kanarejkinu with which click from an average distance of Marakl could not consult.
but also this annoying goal has not broken omichej. On 53 - j to minute they have literally pushed in gate the Dynamo the first reciprocal washer. With pjatachka in its grid Alexander Svitov has pushed. And then there was a storm of gate the Dynamo . Furious, with desperate struggle on pjatachke dinamovtsev, with replacement of the goalkeeper by the sixth field player at omichej and a time - misses. And 14 seconds prior to the termination of the third period Alexander Popov who has missed in the zone Sushinsky, having evened up scores, has translated game in an overtime.
There is no doubt that Omsk fans, leaving tribunes, discussed a theme of acquisitions and losses of the command in inter-season period. After all a solving goal, excellent having realised an exit in private with Maraklom, the same Maxim Sushinsky has hammered in additional five-minute in all.
On poslematchevoj a press - conferences the head coach Avant-guard Valery Belousov, despite defeat, has thanked the players. it is grateful to children that, losing 1:3, have shown character and have evened up scores last seconds. Wanted to win also an overtime, but one error has led to defeat - mister Belousov has declared. After this game Avant-guard occupies 5 place in standings. Today omichi will play on the ice with Magnitogorsk the Metallurgist .
Alexey Zhuk, Anton Medvedev