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The president of tourist club has flown on Ikare

the Regional court has pronounced a sentence to the president of Omsk regional tourist club (OOTK) to Oleg Shevelev. The consequence has established that Shevelev has appropriated under counterfeit documents real estate the area of 1,7 thousand in sq. m of a youth housing complex headed by it Ikar preliminary having issued it on OOTK. On process the defendant asserted that wanted to rescue the objects of real estate left to the mercy of fate . However the court has directed the president of Omsk tourists for 3 years to a corrective standard regime penal colony.
in 80 - e years of the last century a part of under construction apartments and offices of Omsk production association Flight has been transferred to balance of the created youth housing complex (MZHK) Ikar for improvement of living conditions of members MZHK . In structure Ikara 600 persons entered nearby. As the public prosecutor kassatsionno - supervising department of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region Alexey Polischuk has informed, in the spring of 2004 9 members MZHK have addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor of October area of Omsk with the complaint to the chairman Ikara Oleg Shevelev heading a complex since 1992. In opinion ikarovtsev chairman Shevelev has deceived them, having liquidated MZHK and illegally having appropriated inhabited and office premises MZHK Ikar .
investigated case about real estate Ikara more than a year. in the end of a consequence business totaled 6 volumes - Polischuk`s public prosecutor has told. The consequence has established that from 1997 for 2002 Shevelev under counterfeit documents has translated 1,7 thousand in sq. m in the form of apartments, shares in not completed houses, premises of halls and a ground floor of offices in Maslennikov`s streets and 20 years RKKA in the centre of Omsk on balance of Omsk regional tourist club in connection with liquidation MZHK . Thus Oleg Shevelev was president OOTK. In 2002 experts of Omsk bureau of technical inventory have estimated the transferred real estate more than in 4,7 million rbl. However market cost of these apartments and premises now makes almost 20 million rbl. - Alexey Polischuk has added. In 2002 real estate OOTK has been sold to the intermediary for 205 thousand rbl., and after two months it was bought for the same sum by Oleg Shevelev`s wife. As Polischuk`s public prosecutor has noted, on court Oleg Shevelev asserted that is not responsible for action of the spouse. Nevertheless his wife, under the decision of judges, was present on process only as the witness. And Shevelev tried to convince court that wanted to rescue the objects of real estate left to the mercy of fate .
In the end of August of current year the October court of Omsk recognised Oleg Shevelev guilty under item 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Swindle ) Also has appointed to it punishment in the form of 4 years of imprisonment. However the accused has appealed against against this decision in regional court. As a result the director of tourist club has received 3 years of imprisonment with term serving in a standard regime penal colony. Yesterday the sentence has entered validity.
Alexander Kornev