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the Market autsorsingovyh services which has started to be formed about five years ago, moves forward at all with great strides. Real development is only at the structures taking on service IT - divisions of customers. And, according to results of the research spent by company Market - Visio/ EDS, the greatest readiness for outsourcing attraction show or the small companies number to 200 persons, or the large enterprises, which number of the personnel has stepped over a five-thousandth boundary (see the table).
              In this release Business Guide journalists the Businessman have tried to find out the reasons of such situation in the market. You can read their opinion on other pages of number. And personally I had a sensation that how represented the services heads and experts in marketing autsorsingovyh the companies, for the majority of heads of industrial structures Outsourcing - on - former only beautiful word which is not bearing in anything essentially new to their business. Who sees the director of the enterprise with ten-thousand collective in autsorsere, offering to it the organisation of a corporate food? First of all the applicant for a part of the budget of its enterprise. And what for it is necessary to it, if a dining room and so already functions on the terms of self-financing?
              from here the first problem - to give this or that direction on outsourcing means to deprive the organisation of a part of a monetary stream. The businessman processed by teachers of school MBA, will go on it easily - it is possible to explain all concentration of efforts on the basic business of the company for achievement in it of the best results to that, certainly, stir meditations about hiring of the cook in a factory dining room. However to wait for such behaviour from the red director Living not only for the salary, but also collecting a tribute from service divisions (for example, in the form of creation by its relative of the exclusive supplier of products for dining rooms and enterprise buffets), it is not necessary. That is an indispensable condition of growth of the market of outsourcing is total improvement of professional skill by the administrative personnel.
              the second problem - readiness of collective to accept the foreign company. We will follow a typical example - the organisation of a corporate food. The dining room or buffet is in any enterprise, and its employees often are in staff. When on feeding the foreign company comes, hardly more than work severe constraints (it is necessary to minimise costs) at the best are offered these employees. If they agree, are employed in the company - autsorser, disagree - four parties are ready to do anything. But anyway from staff they should be dismissed. If to the personnel manager will carry, he can persuade become unnecessary employees to write the application at own will but more likely they should be dismissed, liquidating posts so, to pay indemnification according to the Labour code. And these expenses will be not not incurred autsorsingovaja by the company. To other employees of the enterprise transfer of this or that direction of the foreign organisation becomes a signal - irreplaceable at us is not present . However, from the point of view of the business organisation such signals are useful - the labour collective should to be constantly in a tone.
              here such head also should be convinced of utility of outsourcing more often. If to dump from scales questions of its personal financial interest, what arguments the company can result to own advantage autsorsingovaja? If it is short, their four: outsourcing is cheaper, more reliable, more convenient, faster. Let`s try to understand, whether so it actually.

it is cheap or expensive
              Outsourcing it is necessary to consider at level business - strategy as one of tools of resource management of the enterprise. Nevertheless there are cases when the decision on transition to outsourcing is accepted on the basis of unique parametre - economy. Usually such situation arises, if there is an intention to transfer all IT - an infrastructure service - to the provider or to create insorsingovuju the company. When speech comes about very large-scale contracts in the field of outsourcing, there is a reasonable question: global outsourcing will be favourable the companies or not? As shows experiment, not always the companies, reflecting on global outsourcing, make the decision in its advantage.
              we will give an example. The international investment bank working in Russia has decided to transfer to outsourcing the basic part of functions of the IT - department. The reason - occurrence of problems in IT - an infrastructure of bank which the board did not hope to solve by means of own personnel. Besides, the board has been anxious by growth of expenses on IT which not always meant satisfactory quality of given services.
              after an estimation of volume and complexity of works the provider has offered the ten years` contract on 1,4 billion Representatives of bank have decided to spend an independent estimation of efficiency of transition of the company to model of full outsourcing and have involved advisers for carrying out of audit of the potential transaction. Audit has revealed presence enough essential risks at transition to full outsourcing, considering territorial distribution of bank and complexity of its infrastructure. Besides, ways of reorganisation own IT - department which would allow to raise a transparency and quality of work of department have been offered and to cut down expenses on IT on 100 million for the next five years. As a result the bank has refused idea of full outsourcing.
              we will add that the example with IT - outsourcing is taken because as we already spoke above, this most perspective direction of the given type of service. Poll spent BG in largest IT - the companies, has shown that the majority of them is going to increase in the near future the turns in this sphere. For example, R - Style plans that in 2007 the turn in the field of outsourcing will make 20 - 25 % of a total turnover of the company, that is almost $40 million
              So, a conclusion the first: outsourcing frequently is not cheaper than use of internal reserves. it is offered to pay for quality - representatives autsorsingovyh structures parry.

reliably or risky
              High quality of offered services - the second argument in favour of attraction of the foreign executor. And with it it is difficult to argue. It is clear that at the specialised company business dealing, than at department of the company which actually is " is is better arranged; service ensuring functioning of its basic business. To buy up the highly paid personnel for service the department the large company will not be. Another matter - to employ the service company. It actually the same what to take the personnel in leasing.
              In 90 - h years all problems on creation and support of functioning IT - systems on the majority of the Russian enterprises completely carried out own IT - divisions that was quite defensible, especially considering that role IT at the enterprise was then more than modest. The question on importance IT for business and necessity of working out IT - strategy in the tideway of the general business - enterprise strategy began to rise four - five years ago. Then the theme of attraction of foreign suppliers IT - services became actual also.
              the reasons of occurrence of demand for similar services was, at least, two. In - the first, complexity of introduced information systems has considerably grown. In - the second, increase of a saturation of the enterprises by equipment rooms and software has led to increase in staff of experts in their support. As consequence, many IT - the companies began to propagandise actively idea of full transfer IT - infrastructures of the enterprises on external service. It is necessary to notice that initially the idea of outsourcing proceeded from suppliers IT - services (it is a usual situation for the new markets when perspective services move ahead on the market and is assigned to the companies some kind of educational function). Whether

it is Not too convenient
              Convenience and speed also are doubtless advantage of outsourcing before development of this or that direction by own forces. After all autsorsingovaja the company always offers already ready decision, system which can work here and now . Thus the management of the customer should not worry how autsorser this system has created.
              However good outsourcing has also a back consisting in loss by the customer of control over own resources, a separation of a management from the part of activity of the company transferred to the party. The company always should have the controller of process of granting of services who will estimate overall performance and a level binding autsorsingovyh services to the general business - strategy.
              to the customer concluding the bargain on outsourcing, it is necessary to include in the contract and the description of strategy of an exit from the agreement, giving the chance to the client to return to this kind of activity lost-free. Therefore if the personnel, the equipment and the property are translated in the company of the service provider, exit strategy should allow to return them in the company of the client or to enter into the alternative agreement.
              it, perhaps, the most important part of the contract. After all autsorser - a figure in any business time. And to employ the contractor it is necessary proceeding from such understanding of its role in business - process.
ALEXEY HARNAS, the editor of appendix Business Guide Outsourcing

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