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IT and all the others

the Market autsorsingovyh services grows in Russia only in one direction. Certainly, is large autsorsingovye projects in the field of engineering, HR and legal service, but an outsourcing mainstream - transfer to foreign companies IT - divisions. And this tendency will not change still for a long time: on polls BG, the next years will develop basically IT - outsourcing. Nevertheless, the outsourcing share in structure of Russian market IT - services hardly reaches 10 %, and for the markets of countries of Western Europe this indicator makes 50 %.
the Alignment to Europe
              Rates of increase of Russian market IT - outsourcing in 2004 have made 29 %. It is the higher indicator in Europe that, however, it is no wonder - to begin - that was necessary almost from zero. According to the director of the centre of outsourcing Data Fort of company IBS Yury Samoilov, the Russian market, unlike European, has a possibility of growth both at the expense of increase of efficiency of projects, and at the expense of increase in volumes.
              the point of saturation of the market is in very remote prospect, - analyst IDC on market IT of services Michael Ivanov considers. - moreover, now any large autsorsingovyj the project can essentially accelerate rates of increase . The outsourcing share in structure of Russian market IT - services hardly reaches 10 %. The Same indicator for Europe makes 50 %. So Russian IT - to the companies is to what to aspire.
              now rates of increase of the market are caused by increase of demand for outsourcing from large domestic corporations, - the director for company information technology ` explains Krok ` Alexander Bujdov. - In Europe the companies pass to new models of outsourcing - return itself a part of simple functions or distribute them between several more specialised suppliers .
              Under the information scientifically - research edition Global Computing Services, the majority of the western companies is reconsidered recently by the relations with autsorserami. For example, Nortel Networks, one of the largest telecommunication companies, aspires to return some functions transferred before company CSC under the control. Autsorser plans to impose for the client of $80 million penalty. It is not excluded that in the long-term future the same problem will arise and in the Russian market.

Russian IT in school age
              Today the largest clients IT - autsorserov go on ` infrastructural ` services, than on vysokourovnevye applied is easier, - the vice-president of the company ` Cheeks ` on the technical policy in the field of program decisions Leonid Lintser considers. Is it is connected by that the companies are afraid to open to the external organisations access to the vital information or functions. But I am assured that level autsorsingovyh services will raise . According to Leonid Lintsera, as a result all not profile kinds of activity will be given IT - to the companies on the basis of the agreement on a degree of service.
              while to world measures Russian IT - the market is in school age - the director of management of marketing and company R external relations - Style Softlab Alexey Antonov marks. That is the majority of players only learns to render to clients qualitative services. Many Russian executors have no accurate formalized methodology on realisation of own projects, do not possess effective procedures of control of efficiency of own works - the head of management of service IT of the company " speaks; Borlas Dmitry Rastopchin.
              In the circumstances even leaders of the market are compelled to undertake for melochovku. Sergey Rasskazov, the director of department of outsourcing and technological company services Hewlett - Packard in Russia, admits that HP undertakes such projects for the sake of development of the market and accumulation critical weight which will allow to become successful in the future: Certainly, we first of all are interested in large corporate customers. However modern Russian market IT - outsourcing consists of small transactions. It not high-grade outsourcing, and ` outsourcing of separate problems ` .

Players prepare the market
              Among the factors constraining development of the market, absence of practice of the conclusion of contracts for long term - five - ten years. but after all the first year never happens profitable: the executor brings considerable investments into creation of an infrastructure of performance autsorsingovogo the contract, - Alexander Bujdov explains. - And at us every year the tender. Accordingly, nobody is put in such conditions .
              So the most popular autsorsingovymi services while there is a technical support program and hardware - systems of automation, sites, corporate networks. As a matter of fact, it autstaffing - attraction of employees of the foreign company for performance of simple functions. Such base services IT - outsourcing, as service and administration are claimed also ON.
              However, recently the companies began to trust autsorseram not only the elementary services, but also more difficult. As Alexey Antonov from R - Style Softlab marks, with development of the market more and more clients transfer to service large complex problems, such as creation, maintenance and development of large corporate systems, formation and realisation IT - strategy. In the Russian market there were first examples complex IT - outsourcing at which the supplier receives in management all IT - an infrastructure of the customer. Similar contracts have concluded not so long ago with autsorserami ROSNO, Bath Russia . Aeroflot also has given on service a data-processing centre, many key appendices and the equipment.
              According to research IBS spent in February of this year, demand services in maintenance of a continuity of business, creation of failure-safe systems and restoration crucial business - processes of the client in case of accident start to use. consumers of such services are large firms with a wide filial network, and also the financial, investment and insurance organisations for which safety and confidentiality of the information are especially critical, - Yury Samoilov marks. - such services and for the enterprises having dangerous manufacture " are not less actual;.

the State will hand over on outsourcing
              In spite of the fact that banks today - the largest consumers IT - outsourcing, autsorsingovye contracts are directed basically on small elements IT of an infrastructure. However, as analyst IDC Michael Ivanov considers, increase of an openness of bank sector, expansion of assortment of services and increase of their quality will stimulate demand for complication internal IT - processes. Outsourcing gets and into the state structures. As analysts, among the major factors influencing process, - simplification of the state structure and management mark. It is accompanied by reduction of services IT and transfer of many functions on outsourcing.
              most likely, Alexander Bujdov, to such key consumers as transnational corporations, will join also the Russian companies passing to the western model of business considers. Especially quickly this process will develop at Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization. And Dmitry Rastopchin expects that in the nearest two - three years to offers autsorsingovyh the companies will show bolshy interest the large and average enterprises of the different branches which have already finished a base stage of automation of the cores business - functions.
              It is supposed that by 2009 the volume of the market of outsourcing will make more than $1 mlrd, and mid-annual rate of increase, under forecast IDC, - an order of 46 %. Under such circumstances, analysts are assured, during three - four years in the Russian market there can be large western players. And small IT - the companies, most likely, should move. The technical director of Joint-Stock Company Company R - Style (enters into group R - Style) Sergey Baryshev is convinced that in some years the market will be divided by five - six large players: In outsourcing sphere risks are great enough. It is necessary to have serious staff of experts, to invest in their training, improvement of professional skill, maintenance with workplaces, optimum distribution of works between them. Small IT - the company hardly presumes to have such staff of the qualified employees .

the Bookkeeper in rent
              As it became known BG, recently Russian aluminium has concluded the contract on outsourcing of calculation of a salary with the American company Interkomp . This transaction is unusual to the Russian market: the domestic enterprises extremely carefully share such powers with the specialised companies and aspire not to devote strangers in a subtlety of the accounts department.
              basically in Russia the international companies which have got used to work under this scheme worldwide use financial outsourcing. Though, as the operating director " marks; Interkompa Natalia Stolnaja, last year to services autsorserov except the western corporations began to address and the large Russian organisations: It is connected first of all with aspiration of the domestic companies to a transparency their business - processes. Besides, heads aspire to raise efficiency of business at the expense of transfer of not profile functions to professionals - to experts in the area . One more example - the company the Source which about one year has transferred on outsourcing of function of calculation of a salary and personnel administration back. According to HR - the manager the Source Elenas Dzhum, the cumulative economy from this decision has made $45 thousand a year.
              the partner of company Ernst and Young Maxim Savostyanov specifies that outsourcing becomes claimed with leaving of the companies from shadow accounts department: For the company preparing for an exit on the international market of the capital, use of independent external accounts department serves some kind of the declaration on intentions to create a transparent financial system. And it, undoubtedly, additional argument in favour of the organisation in the opinion of foreign investors and partners .

Auditors were limited by the law
              As to outsourcing of financial and accounting functions, and also salary calculation here, unlike IT, hardly it is possible to speak about the generated market and to name leaders. It is necessary to mention separate players, like " more likely; Interkompa . As has found out, the turn of this company in the field of outsourcing business - processes for 2004 has made $10 million
              Certainly, it is necessary to note activity of the companies the big five : PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Touche, KPMG, Arthur Andersen, Ernst and Young. However besides the help in financial maintenance the big five is engaged and IT - in outsourcing. Besides for the international auditors outsourcing of financial functions is not profile service. And after acceptance in the USA of law Sarbanes Oxley (to its requirements since July, 2005 there should correspond all not American companies, whose actions are presented in stock market of the USA) auditors, probably, will be engaged even less often in financial outsourcing.
              as Maxim Savostyanov explains, the law forbids the auditor to render simultaneously to the client of service in conducting the account and drawing up of the financial reporting. So, according to expert Ernst and Young, in certain cases to the companies the big five It is necessary to refuse a part of work with some clients to correspond to the new requirements in the relation of a policy of auditor activity. Whether

competitors will come?
              despite all complexities, at the market of financial outsourcing huge potential of growth of additional services. As Natalia Stolnaja, quite probably notices that with development of private pension funds of the enterprise together with investment advisers will offer the employees possibility of an investment of means in pension schemes: And autsorsingovye the companies can incur the organisation of this process. By the way, this function is transferred to outsourcing in the USA " more often;.
              One more new tendency consists that service providers try to take out the protsessingovye the centres from such expensive cities, as Moscow and Petersburg, in more economically attractive regions. Thus, clients have an opportunity to reduce expenses for services autsorserov. However to move to a province many of leading players of the market are capable not. It demands serious investments into information technology, an infrastructure, training of employees. For example, the company Interkomp which till the end of 2005 intends to take out the centre by salary calculation in regions, the next 12 months intend to enclose in modernisation of the technical platform and an infrastructure $1,5 million
              As experts believe, in the near future there will be a considerable quantity of new service providers in sphere of outsourcing of financial and accounting functions: They will occupy small niches or to be guided by the wide range of problems, - Maxim Savostyanov from Ernst and Young marks. - Obvious advantages which are brought by outsourcing by careful search of partners and the conclusion of effective contracts, allow to assume its rapid growth in the country already in the near future .

the Economy on outsourcing
              last two years demand and for so-called outsourcing has grown is industrial - economic functions. So, in the end of the last year airline Siberia has allocated in independent legal bodies the not profile divisions - services on cleaning of premises, aeroport territories and planes, a public catering for employees, motor transportation services - and has involved the foreign organisations. One of them, Ronova the Cleaning has received the contract on cleaning of salons of planes. Before such functions of airline autsorseram did not transfer, preferring to carry out them is independent.
              according to the director for marketing and company sales Case Grup Hopes Zalessky, are most of all claimed services in sphere of an industrial food, professional cleaning of industrial premises and territories, and also operation of buildings and constructions.
              however, as experts, the basic problem of outsourcing that bolshi noticenstvo the Russian companies today is at a formation stage. As to the foreign companies which are present in the Russian market they insufficiently actively work with the large enterprises, especially in regions. So while demand for services autsorsingovyh the companies in service sphere exceeds the offer. the most active consumers it is industrial - economic outsourcing - the large industrial enterprises in regions, - the Hope Zalessky speaks. Is oil and gas, petrochemical, metallurgical, wood branches .

Experience of leaders
              Unfortunately, the majority of the Russian service companies yet do not possess necessary power for an independent exit in regions and active work in the regional markets. In this plan experience " is interesting; Case Grup one of the few autsorserov, actively operating in the regional market. As has found out, in each region Case Grup creates regional division which then independently develops in the local market. Thanks to it its efficiency and flexibility raises, and the local enterprises make a choice in its advantage. However, recently, according to Hope Zalessky, in other service companies too have understood, activity in regions is how much perspective, and try to win at Case Grup a market part. So it is quite possible that through two - three years at the company will appear competitors in the regional market.
              one of tendencies of last time - the large regional companies choose autsorserov, capable to give at once some services, for example cleaning of industrial premises and a dry-cleaner or a food and management of transport. Such transactions consist even more often. In the beginning of July of this year Kirovo - the Chepetsk chemical industrial complex has given to management of one autsorsingovoj the companies of more than 40 objects of real estate and a hotel economy. Shortly before it the enterprise has resorted to services same autsorsera in catering services and professional cleaning of premises and territory.
              but, though the majority of the companies also prefer to have one provider of services in several directions, they should resort to services of the several organisations, - the chairman of directors of company OMS Victor Najshuller marks. - The matter is that the majority autsorserov specialise on any one service - a cleaning, operation of buildings. The very few are engaged in maintenance of two - three functions simultaneously. We have tried to combine some services and we see that it is claimed by the market. Gradually and others autsorsery understand benefits of such method of work. The companies will offer some services ` in a package `, it becomes the basic tendency of development of the market the next years .

the Largest companies specialising on IT - outsourcing (following the results of 2004)

Source: own data of the companies.

How many costs IT - outsourcing
              According to IDC, the research and consulting company in the field of information technology, the volume of Russian market IT - outsourcing in 2004 has exceeded $186 million the Largest IT - autsorsery in Russia - the known international companies: HP, IBM, Siemens Business Services. This three supervises 6 % of all market. In 2004 domestic system integrators have promoted - almost 7 % have divided IBS and Cheeks . The companies which have grown from IT - departments of the large industrial enterprises succeeded also. For example, in 2004 Sibintek supervised about 9 % from market IT - outsourcing. The company has achieved such successes basically thanks to the largest client - to YUKOS.

Division of concepts
              Concept of outsourcing recently still new to the Russian market, became today fashionable. Some companies name outsourcing even those services which as a matter of fact are not transfer of not profile functions to the foreign contractor . Still the big confusion with classification of kinds of outsourcing. Researchers of Institute of outsourcing (Outsourcing Institute, the USA) divide IT - outsourcing and outsourcing business - processes to which carry such functions, as human resource management, accounting, marketing, advertising, logistics, that is all business - processes which are not the cores for the company. According to experts of institute, the greatest potential of growth has outsourcing in sphere of the finance and accounting.

Any outsourcing bears in itself reduction of expenses
the Russian representation of tobacco company British American Tobacco has passed on IT - outsourcing by order of from a staff - apartments. And not only was not disappointed in similar construction of business, but also, on the contrary, in every possible way aspires to develop it. The manager has told about the impressions about outsourcing to correspondent BG to OLGA HVOSTUNOVOJ on services IT of the company Bath Russia DZHAMSHID INOGAMOV.
              BUSINESS GUIDE: Transfer IT - divisions on outsourcing in Bath Russia is a decision of the head company or only the Russian practice?
              DZHAMSHID INOGAMOV: The more the company, the is more difficult to tighten different directions to world level. Some years ago for bolshego focus on the basic business in British American Tobacco the decision to consider the problem on outsourcing of some functions was accepted. As in IT special knowledge is required, to build this function in the company it is unprofitable enough, and it is not meaningful. At a given time we have understood that it is necessary for us functional service - service in the field of information technology.
              if to take Russia here we operate more than in 100 cities on all country. Present that would be, if we employed people in each city! How many we would spend for it of time, forces, financial assets? Training, constant trainings for improvement of professional skill is required to these people. And service is narrowly specialised sphere of business in which special knowledge and examination in the company are required. On set of these reasons in representations Bath worldwide, and including in Russia, the decision on outsourcing of service of information technology was accepted.
              BG: As transition in the Russian branch of the company has affected business?
              D. I: Any outsourcing, especially with participation of the large professional company, besides other advantages bears in itself reduction of expenses. If you want to develop any direction of business, in it it is necessary to enclose financial assets originally. Addressing in autsorsingovuju the company, you receive professionalism at once. And you can be focused on those problems which are necessary for executing.
              BG: If to speak language of figures how much you managed to lower costs, to increase profit after introduction IT - outsourcing?
              D. I: I Can result such example. Recently we considered one project for which realisation we should or develop sphere IT in ourselves, or to transfer it to outsourcing. Have counted and have found out that those expenses which we should incur unitary this year at development own IT, in case of outsourcing were distributed for term in five years. Besides financial it removed a number of other questions: it was not necessary to do additional investments into an infrastructure and to contain additional staff.
              BG: you selected For what parametres autsorsera?
              D. I: quality, service level, its flexibility, how much the company can offer the decisions ground under us, - that is called Tailor Made Approach, instead of simply fixed set of services were Criteria of tender selection. As a result the choice has been made in favour of IBS. And to one of important factors at a choice was that the company could offer an extensive regional network of representations and partners. As a real example creation Helpdesk - support services can serve. If before transition to outsourcing the support service existed only there where we have factories - Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Saratov after transition we have got access to all other regions.
              BG: it was not terrible to you to give the business autsorseram to the Russian regions, after all in case of partners IBS it is a question of the third parties?
              D. I: Always there are certain risks at acceptance of similar decisions, therefore we always preliminary carry out the serious analysis of work of the companies.
              BG: whether exists problems what in company regions can lag behind on level of service the capital?
              D. I: I do not want now anybody to offend comparison of experts from Moscow and regions because that service which is given to us autsorsingovoj by the company, suits us. All very individually. Lomonosov after all too left region.
              BG: As you estimate prospects of Russian market IT - outsourcing?
              D. I: IT - the market develops promptly all over the world. Here again it is not necessary to forget that Russia as the country with transitive economy has set of spheres for growth and business development. Outsourcing will grow. And rates will be accelerated only. And not only in our company, but also in others because the problems facing business, become complicated, speed of reaction to events in the market increases and, naturally, requirements, including to IT increase. I will result to you such example. The autsorsingovye companies, especially services Helpdesk, in the same Great Britain are often transferred to India. And India, in turn, has already an opportunity to take root into the markets of other countries. I think that for the Russian companies this tendency can become a good example in the long term to expand the activity and to enter the markets of the CIS countries and the Eastern Europe. Potential at the Russian market the huge.