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As well as in any new kind of the business which has come to us from - for a boundary, in outsourcing the large transnational companies have the greatest authority. And the Russian companies use their slowness and while win the market. However, also recognise that this prize - temporary and is based only on ignorance by foreigners of features of the Russian regions and on their care. The foreign companies are ready to break the stereotypic approach to work for the sake of conquest of the Russian market.
Rusal for two
              we Will present that the large oil company has suddenly taken in head to give on outsourcing, let us assume, the transport division (as it was conceived by the company Sibneft ) . Who will manage this tidbit - to ours or foreigners?
              probably, it is the most logical to assume that the large company possessing a wide experience of work in given sphere, and in various corners of the globe will be chosen, using a recognition and respect in world business community both etc. and etc. the image of the typical transnational company Appears.
              this assumption is well illustrated by experience of Sakhalin, which, on expression of one of experts, it is completely supervised Sodexho . Sodexho - the French transnational company to which executors of oil and gas projects on Sakhalin have entrusted to equip the life - to feed, wash, tidy up and so forth Why - that foreigners have not invited for this purpose the Russian company - though ours, probably, both would feed, and were tidied up behind them not worse and precisely is cheaper. Here that the international authority means.
              but not all so is simple. The same Sodexho besides Moscow and St.-Petersburg has still offices in Lipetsk, Sayanogorsk and Bratsk. In Lipetsk Frenchmen work with Merloni, and in Sayanogorsk and Bratsk they have appeared thanks to the large Russian client - to Russian aluminium given to them on service two factories. But other four factories Russian aluminium has given not foreign, namely the Russian company - Case Grup .
              And in Case Grup are not confused at all the international authority of the main competitor in the Russian market. Because case Grup works in 26 cities of Russia, and number of its personnel reaches 10 thousand persons. that with us to catch up, years " are necessary to competitors; - the general director " speaks; Case Grup Sergey Vilensky.
              the Same thought was stated also by the first deputy of the general director of company IBS Sergey Merkulov. Recognising a number of important advantages for large western autsorsingovymi the companies (high competence, presence of the strong international brand, the fulfilled methodology), he has specified in those possibilities of the Russian companies which are inaccessible to foreign competitors. First of all it is a question of the developed infrastructure in the form of the service centres and experience in regions. It is especially actual, according to mister Merkulov, for the distributed companies with the decentralised systems: Our company can expose 200 service partners in regions - what foreigners can brag of it?

division of powers
              However, if to speak about outsourcing in sphere of information technology (IT) here, according to Sergey Merkulov, the present competition between the local and foreign companies is not present. And not only because in general meanwhile it is not enough active players in the market - mister Merkulov has remembered five - six large Russian firms and as much again western (IBM, Siemens, Hewlett - Packard, Ericsson, Accenture). There are more many small companies which are engaged in support of the introduced projects, but it not that area which gives rise to a serious competition. According to Sergey Merkulov, at the Russian and western companies simply different possibilities and owing to these distinctions they are infrequently crossed on one field.
              what can the western company offer? - He speaks. - for example, placing of a server economy on a foreign platform. The Russian companies it here not competitors. Western IT - the large Russian client and for other reason - for increase of a transparency of expenses on information technology can invite the company, for example by preparation to IPO .
              According to the president of company OMC Victor Najshullera, the western companies dominate in an industrial segment, especially in those services which are connected with oil extracting. They are in the lead and in sphere of operation and management of real estate, especially trading, class A. But in segments where the Russian outsourcing has arisen, first of all cleaning service of premises (cleaning), a food, the local companies operate quite successfully. Moreover, some Russian experts believe that the western competitors are waited in our market by many disappointments.
              One of interlocutors was expressed even in that spirit that, for example, in a cleaning the western technologies of cleaning of premises are not quite suitable, as at us even the dirt is dirtier . Probably, he simply meant that the most part of our industrial and office premises is more strongly worn out, therefore also cleanliness there to guide more difficult. But in general - that business at all in technologies (according to Victor Najshullera, they are quickly copied), and in people.
              when at the company Case Grup there was a big client - Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex on a scene of action 36 persons have left: managers, bookkeepers, technologists, the head cook. It in general specificity of outsourcing: the people performing real work on contracts, instead of sitting in representations are necessary. And experts at once in a considerable quantity to find not so - that is simple - cooks, cleaners, electricians. They need to be found, they still should be trained, raised, kept, at last.
              There is such trade ` the bookkeeper - the calculator ` - the expert counting, how many products it is necessary to spend for the menu, what cost price of this menu. In the market of such trade is not present. It is the bottom level, it is favourable to nobody to develop such trade. And at us such experts are, as technological decisions are developed, - Sergey Vilensky speaks. - And we can open today on two - three new offices in a month, though it and huge loading on business .
              Still it is necessary to consider that the outsourcing market nizkorentabelnyj, return of investments makes five - seven years. In regions it is necessary to be able to feed people for 30 roubles, whereas in the western economy the dinner price - $3 - 6. Here again our homebrew technologies, by the way, help. So, if foreigners usually use half-finished products, sublimirovannye products which are bought from suppliers (that is in them additional cost), in " is already put; Case Grup incur raw materials processing.

large - does not mean slow
              Foreigners are more rigid not only in the prices. The large companies in general are less inclined to be arranged under the client. They after all frequently come to Russia not to grasp the new market, and is simple after the international clients. Sometimes - under the personal request of clients. Therefore the large companies are usually more careful if not to tell - are inert. Speak, when the multinational corporation has employed Sodexho and tried to impose to them the schedule of work convenient for has received the rigid answer: We under such schedule do not work . And the more so hardly the large western company begins to enter new services at the desire of each separate client.
              In this sense Russians are more flexible. According to Sergey Vilensky, in 2001 Case Grup have given a dry-cleaner on outsourcing and now the company serves such ten dry-cleaners. In the Russian company there are less than coordination. And the main thing - here pay attention to formalities less. if the client hastens, we can start to work in two weeks - whereas to open the legal body in a new city officially occupies three weeks - Sergey Vilensky confirms.
              And the president of company OMC Victor Najshuller with pride has noticed that its company renders services of own invention which are unknown in the West, - it is a question of the centralised deliveries of office goods, that is OMC actually takes away to itself supply department.
              Certainly, in a successful competition to foreigners the certain role is played also by that circumstance that the Russian companies traditionally are cheaper (according to Sergey Vilensky, service Case Grup than percent on 10 - 15 is cheaper, than at Sodexho). Thus one of experts even has assumed that when the market definitively will turn white and the Russian companies begin to pay taxes on - fair at them competitive advantages will be gone. Calculation idle time: in the outsourcing cost price only for the personnel salary it is necessary 30 - 40 % in food sphere, 60 - 70 % in a cleaning and 60 - 80 % in operation of buildings. It means that at completely white the salary on expenses of firms should add 26 % of the tax.
              however, according to experts, the outsourcing market has already passed that stage when services of the foreign companies are considered only as a way of economy of costs in Russia. According to IT - the manager of French oil company Total Andrey Ivanov, both Russian, and the western clients understand that cheap service not the best service, and qualitative services stand approximately equally that in Russian that in the foreign companies. And not casually French oil giant has given on outsourcing the information division to the Russian firm IBS, having considered that local experts will make this work is better.

merge or absorption
              Earlier clients the main motive to give division on outsourcing, had a desire to receive as much as possible low price and to save on expenses on organisation auxiliary functions. However recently, according to Victor Najshullera, the understanding of comes that the invitation autsorsingovoj the companies no means always manages more cheaply, often absolutely on the contrary. And the desire to concentrate on profile problems making profit, and disposal of a superfluous burden becomes the main motive for the similar decision. After all about cleaners and cooks it is necessary to care, pay in it of the award, to congratulate them happy New Year in the same way, as well as other employees of the company, - so let somebody will be engaged in it another.
              in this situation on the foreground there is not a cost of company services, and their quality and reliable, long-term relations. when we have asked the representative of the German firm as often they change autsorsingovuju the company, - Sergey Vilensky tells, - that us simply have not understood - the price level in the generated market is identical in all companies, and the main criterion of partnership is reliability, therefore often same company works with the customer on five - seven years .
              In Russia where the market still is in a formation stage, remains price rupture between small and large Russian autsorsingovymi the companies (an order 10 - 20 %), however customers already understand that leaders of the market expose the adequate price. Therefore the largest Russian companies having good history and experience, already own an invaluable active in the form of ideas, business - technologies, shots that does by their strong contenders for the transnational companies.
              Certainly, the situation can change, when large world brands (like the same Sodexho, Compass Group, Dussmann - Gruppe, etc.) Will stop to look narrowly at the Russian market and will start its resolute gain. But the choice of strategy for such gain is insignificant - it is possible either to catch up with competitors, or to buy, or to merge. Will catch up difficult and expensively: the same Case Grup it is capable to open in a month on two - three offices in new cities. Therefore more probable the scenario which has faced Kentucky Fried Chickens looks: American fast - fud has entered the Russian market when here already it is a lot of years at every turn the signboard " flashed; Rostik`s also it was necessary to agree with the competitor about merge.

outsourcing Records
              According to last research world autsorsingovoj and consulting company TPI, in 2004 the volume of world contracts on rendering autsorsingovyh services has reached record for last five years of size - $72 billion 53 % from this volume were necessary on the markets Northern and the South America, 44 % - to Europe and only 3 % on the countries Asian - Pacific region.
              among branches leadership keeps financial sector - 33 % from total number of all world contracts and 26 % from cost of all contracts ($18,7 mlrd). It follow manufacture (17 % of contracts, 15 % of cost of contracts), telecommunications (13 % and 12 %), business services (9 % and 12 %), travel (9 % and 5 %).
              weakening of positions of six of the largest world autsorsingovyh firms became One more tendency: in comparison with 2003 their share of the market was reduced with 54 to 43 %, and in the first quarter 2005 - to 36 %.