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Andrey Kirilenko: our force - in command game

in Serbia and Montenegro begins Tomorrow the European championship on basketball on which Russian national team will be one of applicants for medals. Before the beginning of superiority with the leader of a Russian team, a star of club NBA Utah Jazz ANDREY KIRILENKO correspondents ALEXEY - the ARMOUR and DMITRY - VOSKRESENSKY had a talk.
- Russian national team before the championship has spent very many control matches and first - for example, in game from modular Lithuania in Vilnius, in some meetings Efes Pilsen Cup in Turkey - looked shaky. In what of the reason?

- Yes they the most usual. In Turkey we yet did not have teamwork. Besides matches there went every day and the weariness from the previous gathering on which we worked over " much affected; physics . From here and defeat from Italy in a semi-final. Be we posvezhee, would win. Well, we will beat now Italians in the European championship: We have got to one group. Well also I should recognise that there were at us failures in protection.

- but for the Supercup of federations with Lithuanians in Moscow the national team has spent reciprocal game fine...

- It agree. We on a platform already had a full mutual understanding. However, not so it is strong, as it would be desirable, have added in protection. But in the championship, I think, and in this aspect of business will be better.

- It turns out, you are absolutely happy with a command and by itself?
- Quite. I consider that our preparation went strictly according to the planned plan. Everything that is necessary, have made. the five to a command would not put, but the four with plus the firm. As to personally me, that, on - to mine, I am in the good physical and game form. Weariness after a final whistle with the same Lithuania at all did not feel. It was ready to play three more full matches. Form peak, to put it briefly, yet has not reached. It is good that it has had on solving meetings of the European championship.

- here you say that almost all is good. And the head coach of a national team Sergey Babkov has stated discontent with command actions even after a confident victory over Lithuanians - operating champions of Europe, by the way...

- I do not see here contradictions. Yes, we have won a strong team, taking a revenge for defeat in Vilnius. And it for our national team is normal. But ideal game was not. I to you have already told - we are obliged to add and we are able to do it. Resources are.

- and in what they consist?
- While we play roughly. There is a piece good, productive, and then suddenly it turns out nothing. Not at all at once, and at separate players. Here Victor Hrjapy had moments in the second quarter with Lithuania when it could not amaze a ring of the contender in any way.

- And remember a piece in the first quarter when Lithuanians have literally thrown us trehochkovymi?

is besides to a question that it is necessary for us to add in protection. From perimetre we are obliged to close throws.

- and what at you with penal is created? When will start to get?
- It agree, while they do not go. However, I do not go in cycles in it. Simply I work on trainings. It is assured that in the championship I will be corrected.

- in what, on - to yours, bargaining chips of the Russian national team?
- At us the organised basketball, fast in an attack turns out. With Lithuania sometimes on a platform was not nominal centre. Anything terrible - ran in a separation and precisely threw, and contenders for us were not in time. I, by the way, like to play the easy five. Already on gathering in Turkey we had a game by easy structure. Has noticed also that in any situation, even when there were the obvious individual errors, all children accurately carried out installation of the trainer, observing game discipline. There was no panic and nobody tried to jump above a head. In general, our force - in command game.

- All last year you was pursued by traumas: that injured knee, the broken hand. More they do not disturb?

- it is valid, did not play basketball if to count up, about four months... But now everything is all right. Moreover, has very much missed game.

- in Utah you have got used to be the unconditional leader of a command, have the right to solving throw. And here in a national team, apparently, affairs are a little differently - there are those who applies for leadership, besides you?

- Well, here you are not right. In a national team I too have the right to a throw. Another matter that if at me does not go in an attack I can easily be reconstructed on protection, on selections, on game on partners. The personal statistics me, believe, interests least. Always underlined - in a national team I play only on a victory.

- and where it is heavier to you to play - in Utah or in a national team?
- In a national team. Heart for a native command very is ill. And then, in NBA it is much more games, the distance of tournament is much longer. There is time to rectify errors. And in the European championship all is transient. One error - and a command has taken off from tournament.

- you are ready to play a national team any role?
- Yes. The main thing that the command won.
- and the first number - playing - are ready to play?
- It is ready. No, seriously.
- and who is better in it role - you or new John Robert Holden playing by a national team?

- (Laughs.) Certainly, John. He after all plays all life this position. It is its bread.

- and Holden at times does not irritate you with the, we will tell so, a little bit adventurous game?

- At all. All of us are ready to that he can individually play because thus Holden all the same will benefit a command. Let contenders know that it impudent that from it proceeds serious threat. And when on it two will go, Holden can give an exact goal pass.

- Victor Hrjapa and Sergey Monja, becoming players of club NBA Portland Trail Blazers, have added?

- Well, Monja yet did not become player NBA - he only has signed the contract. And Vitja - yes, has added. Resoluteness, speed, a jump, a throw - all at it at level of the best basketball league.