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Role of emotions

At the Moscow variety theatre have staged the Argentina show Tango Emocion . ALVINE - HARCHENKO it has seemed to the best a tango - statement of year thanks n no small part to the dosed out emotionality.
answer somebody a question What is it ` Tango Emocion `? a phrase: the Same that ` Tango Pasion `, only is better after all will decide that you scoff. And it is vain: though all names on tango posters - guest performers have ceased to be postponed for a long time in memory and sliplis in one clod from everyones pason and emoson staged at show Variety theatre reminds a sensible correction of mistakes in the program, it is more than year back shown in the Kremlin. Then Tango Pasion Without superfluous modesty declared the best tango - show in the world, as arguments having shown statistics (representation have made happy 3 million spectators in the world) and names of authors (choreographer Hector Zaraspe working with Rudolf Nureevym and the Hollywood producer Mel Hovard were them). The main advantage Tango Pasion there was the structure of the statement representing of indistinguishable dancing numbers not an hour and a half strung against each other, and entertaining jumble from theatrical sketches, songs, solo musicians and, by itself, a tango. An ineradicable lack at a passion Tango which participants and an orchestra with themselves have brought, and scenery, and in general very much tried, there was one: in performance it was not found out any bright character which has managed to remain in memory though half an hour after the termination of show.

in Tango Emocion entertaining characters whole two, and each other they not competitors. The pianist and the head of collective Enrike Kattini plays a tango of 30 years and, judging by quality of music at evening, still receives from it pleasure. Sitting with several more musicians directly in the middle of a scene, mister Kattini willingly executed Astor Pjatstsolly`s inevitable hits, experimenting a rhythm and harmony. One of melodies has begun at all as music which you expect to hear on milonge, and reminded something thoughtful from Bill Evans`s old plates. The jazz introduction and a melancholy of Enrike Kattini was torn off by occurrence of singer Elena Roger. The owner of a shock of red hair and a voice which are not needing additional strengthening by equipment, entertained public not only a vocal: the madam Roger kartinno fell from a ladder, growled, squealed, long pulled out a cord from a microphone at someone spiteful behind a side scene, in breaks having time also tolerably to sing.

musical and theatrical pauses were no more than a framework for occurrences on a scene of the main celebrity Tango Emocion - dancers Mory Godoj. One of the teachers of a tango most known in Argentina began with classical ballet, and it was instantly felt on gait, movements of brushes, a turn of shoulders. The status madam Godoj who has thought up for Tango Emocion all choreography, dared to underline sometimes unless a dress of another, than at other soloists, a shade. In attempts to draw a blanket on itself it be no point.

how the creator of show and set of other statements dances, - style not quite habitual even for Argentina, not to mention Moscow. In sense of technics the main invention of madam Godoj - absolutely especial manner to be conducted. Neglecting the most widespread theory that the weight should be transferred on socks (as consequence korpusy partners always hardly are inclined to each other), the dancer kept very directly, thus without jumping upwards - downwards on the sliding eights ocho and long steps back. The emotional stuffing of a tango of Mory Godoj also is far that usually put in concept the Argentina temperament . Not clearly, whether the result is twelve ballet years or any other vital events, but madam Godoj and in the most clockwork dances does not flash the eyes also shoulders, does not flirt with the partner. Actually, it even receives a sight infrequently, but to honour to have such partner and these makeweights are not necessary.

about Moru Godoj you will not tell at all follows : with an indifferent look it is delightful mechanically it flows round the partner, simply streams nearby. To make out, how much impassivity of the dancer mnimo, behind cascades perfected gancho and faultless supports it was impossible. Perhaps, how it is joyful as the curtain fell madam Godoj danced with one of orchestral players, the snow queen is nevertheless put on together with a heel in 12 sm a mask. Anyway, expectation come on show the choreographer has not deceived. It Tango Emocion - it is exemplary the executed export product, from a share of severity and dozirovannosti passions only winning. Emoson emosonom, but knowingly a good form in a tango - to dance silently.