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The magician by calculation

On screens of Moscow left a film of Terri Gilliama the Grimm - all in some days after the European premiere in competition of the Venetian festival. And one of these days in the Dignity - Sebastjane will show Tideland - one more new film work of Gilliama, the imagination and which working capacity admire ANDREY - PLAHOV.
Gilliam - the director with the difficult character, known for the perfektsionizmom, complain of it producers and actors, its many projects are tightened and even break - as, for example, a wonderful plan about Quixote. And nevertheless that it managed to create, becomes at once property of history of cinema, whether it be the activity connected with Monti Pajton and reformatsiej the British comedy, whether caused shock antitotalitarian Brazil or at all not quite gone right, but interesting as the sample narcotic psihodeliki Fear and hatred in Las - Vegase .

last years projects of Gilliama slightly suffer from megalomanii and the big budgets: here and the Grimm cost something under 80 million dollars. These dollars are visible in a picture: besides special effects impress quite natural, very difficult shootings of landscapes and scenery with set of fine details, the surrealistic designs, different entertaining mechanisms which often hid under so-called miracles and intrigues potustoronnih forces.

heroes of a film - those brothers the Grimm that since the childhood were known to everyone when public was still reading and cultural. Today it is not so obvious, a name the Grimm already a little that speaks to weights: that is why, for example, in Spain the film leaves under more intriguing name Secret of brothers the Grimm . The secret really is: Brothers - robbers earn to themselves money not so much writing of fairy tales, how many exile of demons from podernutyh obscurantism and superstitions of German villages of the period of Napoleonic wars. Romanticism posramlen: long live inherent in a XIX-th century ratsio! But during any moment the side between a reality and a fairy tale is erased, from the exorcised village children sacrificed by their father - the werewolf start to vanish, in enamoured hearts thorns are stuck, and sleeping beauties revive from kisses.

this picture it is quite possible to look to children: Gilliam uses a duality principle, characteristic for the magic fairy tales, which adults like to treat by means of mystical and Freudian symbols. In a film is on what to look and to admirers of popular actors, at least at the bewitched beauty (alas, destroyed by relentless time) Moniku Bellucci, on new American at sex - Hita Ledzhera symbol in a role of one of brothers and on Matt Damon in image of the second.

Hardly, of course, this work can be carried to great achievements of Terri Gilliama. The German romantic irony and the British humour not always are organically mounted, and imagination of the director, as well as several years earlier in Mjunhgauzene works, is faster, mechanically, mastering the big budget. And all the same you are not tired to be surprised to that, on what the best directors - authors are capable, even crossing a side of 50 million behind which usually to creativity does not remain the slightest chance.

with that great interest we will wait for a new picture of Gilliama which he has managed to remove in parallel this big statement in more modest format. It is history of a family of the addicts living in the thrown house: after death of mother the daughter with the father go to travel which appears walk in the imagined world. Already from the summary it is clear that at a film there are all favourite themes of Gilliama allowing it and to its heroes to come off a boring reality and to build round itself new, much more inspiring.