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Game rules

Shareholders of MDM - bank have finished reorganisation of structure of the property following the results of which 99 % of actions of bank have passed from Elista Open Company the Technosphere to the Moscow Open Company Bank holding of MDM . As the bank reporting testifies, these changes have occurred in II quarter 2005. Thus almost 100 % of Open Company Bank holding of MDM belongs MDM Financial Holding (Cyprus) Ltd. (Cyprus). In March of current year shareholders of MDM - bank consolidated 100 % of exclusive and 98,75 % of ordinary actions of bank on balance Technospheres . Before 19,73 % of ordinary actions belonged to Open Company the First industrial complex 19,38 % - Open Company Our participant 19,62 % - Open Company Torres 18,18 % - Open Company Korner registered, as well as the Technosphere in Kalmykia. Besides, on balance Technospheres Also has been consolidated 96 - a percentage share holding of Open Society MDM - bank of SPb . Itself the Technosphere by data on the end of I quarter, belonged on 72 % to the Cyprian companies BW Muster Enterprice, Lilash Co Ltd. And Montini Investments Ltd. Shareholders of MDM - bank in November, 2004 have approved creation of bank group into which structure have entered MDM - bank, MDM - bank St.-Petersburg and MDM - bank Ural Mountains . Besides, three banks of MDM and investment company MDM - the Trust are a part of the bank holding with the same name.

head Commerzbank check on washing up
Office of Public Prosecutor of Frankfurt studies participation of head Commerzbank in money-laundering of the Russian telecommunication companies. About it it is told in a press - bank release. Now the Office of Public Prosecutor of Frankfurt conducts investigation concerning participation of employees Commerzbank in possible money-laundering during privatisation of the Russian telecommunication sector, is told in a press - release. According to the bank message, within several last days head Commerzbank Klaus Peter Muller has got to number included in investigatory actions. the chairman of the supervisory board of bank and its board do not understand, in this connection the circle of persons extends, got under a consequence, and expect that all suspicions will be removed from mister Muller. The bank is assured that the investigation initiated by the German federal department on control over financial activity BaFin, will promote also to it - it is told in a press - release. Lawyers of bank believe that expansion of the circle of persons, suspected of participation in money-laundering, is purely formal legal procedure.

Promsvjazbank became easier
Shareholders of Promsvjazbanka have simplified property structure, having issued control over five companies on which balance bank actions, on Promsvyaz Capital B V. (Netherlands) are consolidated. As the bank reporting testifies, these changes have occurred in II quarter 2005. In April of current year shareholders of Promsvjazbanka have concentrated bank actions on balances of five companies: Open Company tehnosvjazinform Open Company Trading - the financial company ` Contrast ` Open Company the Asterisk Open Company the Twenty second century Open Company transsvjazservis . To each of them has got 20 - a percentage package. In the meantime Open Company Svjaztorgservis (12,9 %), Open Company elektrotehsvjaz (11,92 %), Open Company the Regional communication centre (11,04 %) and Open Company pnevmo - service (10,63 %) left number of shareholders of Promsvjazbanka. According to the president of bank Alexander Levkovsky, final benefitsiarami Promsvjazbanka are brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananevy.

the Transaction
Gazprom has sold four banks
Yesterday group Gazprom has sold minority share holdings of four regional banks. The organizer of the auctions has informed on it - Open Society Federal share corporation . In particular, the share holding at a rate of 2,33 % of Open Society " has been sold; Ural trastovyj bank (Izhevsk) at the initial price of 7,05 million rbl. 0,0035 % of actions AKB " Also have been sold; Open Society ` Tjumenprofbank ` (Tyumen) at the initial price of a package of 11 thousand rbl., 2,87 % of actions of Open Society Gazneftbank (Saratov) at the initial price of 1,9 million rbl. and 0,012 % of actions of Open Society Zapsibkombank (Salekhard) at the initial price of 174,2 thousand rbl.

the Declaration on intentions
the Kemerovo governor recommends to insure birds
Yesterday the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has suggested proprietors to insure all integrated poultry farms from disease of birds. On it has informed a press - service of administration of the Kemerovo region. the insurance can be issued quickly in any of the insurance companies, - it is told in the telegramme of the head of region addressed to heads of territories and directors of eight integrated poultry farms of Kuzbas and the head of department of veterinary science of the Kemerovo region Gennady Lopatin. Is will not demand heavy expenses. Otherwise to wait for the help there will be no place . According to the governor to insure poultry it is necessary also for inhabitants who plant it at itself on farmsteads.

industrial production Growth volumes Grow in the Russian Federation in July, 2005 has made 0,8 %. It was declared by Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref. For seven months the saved up growth of industrial production has made 4,1 % - the minister has declared. after intensive growth in June rates of increase in July slightly more low, but it proceeds, and it is important. On all basic sectors of manufacturing industry growth above, than in raw branch - Herman Gref has explained. promproizvodstvo in the Russian Federation in June has grown on 6,9 % that is the best indicator for last seven months.

the Russian banks becomes ever less
Number of the registered banks in Russia for January - June, 2005 it was reduced on 66 - to 1398. Only in their July became less on eight. And the number of operating banks for seven months has decreased on 21 - to 1228. As has informed Bank of Russia, the quantity of the registered not bank commercial organisations has made 53. In total for August, 1st, 2005 in the Russian Federation 1451 credit organisation is registered. From them with foreign participation in an authorised capital stock for August, 1st in Russia 133 banks operate. With 100 - percentage foreign participation 39 banks, over 50 % - 8 banks work.

the capital aspires in the USA
Pure inflow of the capital to the USA in June, 2005 has made $71,2 mlrd (in May - $55,8 mlrd). On it has informed a Treasury Department of the US. Foreign investors in June have got the American securities for the sum of $79,1 mlrd (from this sum of $62 mlrd - private purchases). Investors from the USA have bought in June foreign securities on $7,9 billion