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The question price

the Key phrase to delimitation process in Israel - how all will pass, depends the future of the operating government. That is, if all passes peacefully, Jews will collect the belongings and will for ever leave the houses in Gaza Strip Ariel Sharon is perfectly in order. And if the turmoil for its future nobody will be charged begins. Such is the price of a similar question in the democratic country. It thus that to all immigrants is guaranteed by new habitation and monetary indemnifications.
by the way, and habitation of these in general of unfortunate people deprive exclusively proceeding from especial state necessity which to them repeatedly explained. That is they it is left the houses not because the Israeli minister any there has looked after to itself a place for a country house. And not because years later have remembered that it was impossible to build houses in such affinity to Palestinians. That is why, (it is attentive!) That their leaving from Gaza Strip is a high victim for the sake of the future world. Further the behaviour of the moved can be various - from the consent to all forms of disagreement. But they are not offended by a whim of the official who has solved simply to come and select at the person the house constructed by it.

Ariel Sharon has made the painful and difficult decision. And even thus that, on all polls, the majority of its fellow citizens have supported, at it now very heavy and risky days. One superfluous movement of the Israeli soldier, one incorrect word - also will flash all: both Jews, and Palestinians. Ariel Sharon knows, than he for it will pay.

how dishome at us, for example not so long ago in Moscow suburbs, it can occur only in the country where in immediate prospects it is not expected any elections. Only the official working on a totalitarian mode, presumes to do to itself that mister Mitvol does. And only when the future of the leader of this country does not depend on destruction of the house of the citizen of the country.

you think, there is any difference in that, move you from the house in Gaza Strip or in settlement near Moscow? For moved - any. It is its house. Not important, unique or not, but it. There should be very serious reason that the person has left the house. War, for example. Which, as a matter of fact, delimitation process Ariel Sharon also tries to stop. It, at least, high aim. And when you cane on a head and destroy your house simply because there was such state official Mitvol who should justify the appointment, is a lawlessness. And the lawlessness gives rise to war because people can protect the house from gangsters even if they have the court decision on hands, and in a pocket - the certificate of deputy chief Rosprirodnadzora.

At them there in Israel all so is difficult. They all country mourn over each house left the Jew, and their prime minister prays, that all has passed peacefully. And at all of us, as always, simply. Have come, have destroyed, have taken away, the others rejoice that have come not to them, and to the president sticks nothing.