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Race for power

Yesterday Edmund Shtojber, the prime minister - the minister of Bavaria and chairman Hristiansko - the social union, has called the leader of the Left-wing party (LP - earlier was called as Party of a democratic socialism, PDS) Oscar Fontaine on the threshold of early election in the Bundestag, appointed for September, 18th, 2005 to spend newspaper duel . Earlier in interview to German newspaper Bild mister Shtojber also said that wants to cause mister Fontaine on duel that to show to voters who will be possible consequences for economy and investments into Germany if PDS becomes the third party on force in the Bundestag . These statements have been apprehended as aspiration of mister Shtojbera to spend teledebates with leader LP on the sample of teledebates between candidates for chancellors.
Oscar Fontaine from duel did not begin to evade. I with the great pleasure accept a call Bavarian the prime minister - the minister disappointed with that voters now give the sympathies of my party - he has told on Sunday. duel should take place at the height of the scandal caused recent vykazyvanijami by Edmunda Shtojbera. We will remind, he named east Germans disappointed and silly as many of them test sympathies to populist LP consisting mainly from the former members PDS, the successor of Communist party of GDR (wrote about it on August, 12th). And it has compared leaders LP of Gregor Gizi and Oscar Fontaine with butchers which victims are voters of party in the east of the country.

in Egypt have undermined peacemakers
Yesterday at the Egyptian airport the Ale - Dzhura has thundered explosion. The airport is the basis for the international Case of peacemakers and observers (KMN) which has been placed on the Sinai Peninsula on conditions of Kemp - Devidsky agreements 1979 between Egypt and Israel. In the morning of yesterday car KMN has left from base and has gone to the airport. During this moment strong explosion was distributed. The car of peacemakers has so suffered that officials of local police and news agency have informed on a considerable quantity of victims. However then it was found out that in the car there were only two employees of department of technical maintenance of base KMN. Both women from Canada have got off with small wounds. However, the Egyptian officials at first in general denied presence of wounded men. Besides, they first minutes after explosion have resolutely rejected the version about possible act of terrorism and declared that the antipersonnel mine which has remained in sand since war of 1973 became a cause of the explosion.

however the official version has raised the doubts. Explosion was so powerful that it heard in Gaza Strip in 30 km from an incident place. And after survey of a place of explosion by experts the governor of Sinai Ahmed Abdel Hamid has declared that explosion at the airport the Ale - Dzhura was act of terrorism. terrorists have hidden on road two canisters with gas, having connected their wires - the governor to journalists has told. fortunately, only one canister " has blown up; - he has added. Yesterday`s explosion has shown that, despite all assurances of the authorities after recent acts of terrorism in Charm - esh - the Sheikh (see from July, 25th), safety of the Sinai Peninsula has not become stronger.

the Italian policemen want more professionalism
Yesterday in Rome policemen have demonstrated the protest. Default by the government of promises to carry out reform of the law-enforcement bodies increase of professional level of employees was which purpose became the action reason. By estimations of trade unions, in the action has taken part a 5 thousand order The person, gathered from all Italy. Demonstrators consider that the innovations promised by the government are simply necessary in the conditions of growth of terrorist danger in the country.

policemen have demanded a meeting with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Juseppe Pizanu which just held at this time the meeting devoted to measures of raised safety, accepted in Italy these days. Thus the minister has characterised degree of terrorist danger in the country as raised . Yesterday has expired term of the ultimatum shown by the European branch Al - Kaidy to the countries which armies continue to be in Iraq. Besides yesterday in Italy holiday Ferragosta which is peak of summer mass walks in Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and other cities was celebrated that always transforms them into objects of terrorist danger.