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The seaside deputy has stood up for Vladimir Putin

Yesterday the deputy of Legislative Assembly (ZS) Primorski Territory Adam Imadaev has suggested to exclude from item 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation point 3 forbidding to the president to hold the post more of two terms successively. The parliament of Primorski Krai will consider this initiative in September, however representatives of the federal authorities have already estimated it yesterday as unpromising, and in the Kremlin offers of the deputy and at all named totally ludicrous .
Adam Imadaev has been selected by deputy ZS of Primorski Krai in June, 2002. Before it was the sailor and the boatswain on fishery vessels, and also worked as the adviser eks - heads of edge Evgenie Nazdratenko. Yesterday deputy Imadaev has declared that has found out in the Constitution obvious contradictions . In its opinion, item 81 forbidding to the president to hold the post more of two terms successively, contradicts item 32, guaranteeing to each citizen the right to select and be the selected works. That is it turns out, in one article no restrictions are present, and in another is, - the deputy was indignant. - Vladimir Putin is first of all the citizen of Russia, and the personal right of each citizen - to select this or that person . Therefore mister Imadaev has suggested to exclude from the Constitution any restrictions on the right of citizens to be selected the president of the Russian Federation. Yesterday the committee on the regional policy and legality ZS has decided to place the bill of mister Imadaeva for consideration deputies. If the seaside parliament approves it, in the autumn of this year it will arrive in the State Duma.

mister Imadaev not the first who suggests to prolong Vladimir Putin`s term of appointment. The first on this theme right after the election in December, 2001 the speaker of Council of federation Sergey Mironov, suggested to increase term of presidential powers till seven years has expressed. To make presidential term lifelong in due time the former president of the Chechen Republic Ahmat Kadyrov offered, and last initiative has arrived in August of this year from the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He has counted necessary to increase a term of appointment of the head of the state till seven years and to limit its right to be in power to three terms. In the Constitution mister Zhirinovsky has suggested to take out a question on amendments on a referendum which, as he said, could pass in December, 2007 simultaneously with elections in the State Duma.

all reasonings on this theme only have reached once a consideration stage in the State Duma: in February, 2004 the chamber has rejected the amendment offered by the Ivanovo regional Duma to the Constitution on prolongation of a term of appointment of the president of the Russian Federation till seven years.

most likely, the State Duma too will reject the next initiative. Yesterday vitse - the speaker of the State Duma from an United Russia Vladimir Pehtin has informed that supports the head of the state Which declared time and again that acts categorically against Constitution change. And the head of committee of Council of federation of the constitutional legislation Yury Sharandin, having accused seaside legislators of nonprofessionalism, has declared that before to accept the disputable document, seaside deputies should address in the Constitutional court, which has an exclusive right to interpretation of articles of the Constitution . In the Kremlin discussion of this theme have refused flatly, having declared that it be no point to make comments totally ludicrous .

As Tamara Morshchakova has declared yesterday the former judge of the Constitutional court, no contradictions between two articles of the Constitution exist. article 32 is the general norm, and article 81 - concrete which concretises an order of election of the higher official - it has explained. And the former committee-man of the State Duma on state building Boris Nadezhdin has informed that If our Constitution will be read by the round idiot, he in it will find out also weight of other discrepancies . For example, the Constitution guarantees the equal rights to men and women. But on military service call why - that only men, and the decree is guaranteed only to women, - it has explained. - let`s copy at once article and we will write down only a few lines: ` the President of the Russian Federation is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin ` .

, Vladivostok; ALLA - BARAHOVA