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After seven weeks of fierce disputes yesterday in Bulgaria the coalition government has been generated. Its structure included won elections on June, 25th, 2005 socialists, party National movement for Simeona II (NDSV) and Movement for the rights and freedom (traffic police) - party of Muslim minority. The prime minister - the minister is appointed head Sotspartii Sergey Stanishev. Except it the government structure included eight ministers of Sotspartii. Correcting to elections NDSV will receive five ministries, and traffic police - three. Independent expert Plamen Oresharsky becomes the Minister of Finance.
the New government having support 169 from 240 deputies of unicameral parliament of Bulgaria, intends to carry out reforms which should prepare the country for the introduction in 2007 in EU. Let`s remind that Bruxelles, angry prolonged disputes concerning structure of the Bulgarian government, has declared that does not approve behaviour of the political forces, not capable to find the compromise and by that calling into question plan performance about the introduction of Bulgaria into the European Union.

the North African summit
In the Libyan city of Sirt Has taken place yesterday the meeting of Algerian president Abdelaziza Butefliki, the Egyptian head Hosny Mubarak and the leader of the Libyan revolution of Muamara Kaddafi has taken place. This meeting has no any accurate agenda. It passes in a format of usual periodic meetings between leaders of the Arabian states - the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Libya Abdel Rahman Mohammed Shalkam has declared before the beginning of the summit. Earlier Egypt has acted with an appeal of convocation of the Interarabian extreme meeting in connection with recent acts of terrorism in Charm - esh - the Sheikh. It has been planned for August, 3rd, but it was transferred for later term in connection with death of the king of Saudi Arabia by Fahda. In due time Cairo and Tripoli accused each other of support of internal opposition. In the end of 1970 - h years of the contradiction between two Arabian countries even have touched off the war. Whether

official negotiations between the Peoples Republic of China and Nepal
the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs Chzhaosin has carried on yesterday negotiations with the Nepalese colleague Rameshom Nat Pandi. During a meeting mister Chzhaosin has noticed that the Chinese government is grateful to Nepal for firm support of China in questions on Tibet, Taiwan and about human rights. Whether Besides, Chzhaosin which has visited Katmandu in March, has declared that China will continue to support attempts of Nepal to keep the sovereignty and national stability.

Chinese - Nepalese relations have improved after the Nepalese government in January has closed all points assisting refugees from Tibet. It has been positively apprehended by Beijing, always to the Tibetan refugees opposing to the help, carried out by these points from a name dalaj - the llamas, running in 1959 to India. Now Nepal recognises that Tibet is an integral part of the Peoples Republic of China. Whether

during negotiations Chzhaosin and Ramesh Nat Pandi have signed a number of bilateral agreements on economy, trade and a visa regime.

the National Security council of Iran has headed a hawk
Yesterday the president of Iran Mahmud of Al Ahmadi - Nezhad has named the new secretary of a high council of national safety. The former vice-commander the case of guards of Islamic revolution 47 - the summer Ali Laridzhani known for the affinity to the spiritual leader of Iran ajatolle Ali Hamenei became them. It will replace on this post of Hasana Rouhani. As the secretary of Security Council mister Laridzhani becomes also to the main things peregovorshchikom on a nuclear problem. Observers see in new appointment the next certificate of toughening of a course of the Iranian management on confrontation with the West. In the past mister Laridzhani repeatedly rejected all offers of the European Union, having for an object to force Iran to curtail the nuclear program, declaring that the West demands to give a pearl in exchange for a sugar candy .