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Noncommercial privatisation

the Government of the Saratov region has made the decision aktsionirovat of 23 state transport agencies which are engaged in suburban transportations. The action of again created Open Societies is supposed to transfer to a uniform management company - regional to motor transport Management . According to observers, aktsionirovanie GUPov will allow the authorities to involve in branch of passenger transportations long-awaited investments. Meanwhile officials do not intend to share actives with private business yet. Today in the market of passenger autotransportations of the Saratov region work 23 GUPa which own actually a monopoly on suburban and interdistrict bus service. Private enterprises in this market practically are not present. They basically have concentrated on more profitable intracity routes in Saratov, Engels and Balakovo. Thus suburban bus service remains from year to year unprofitable. Many transport agencies have already undergone through bankruptcy procedure, and their cumulative accounts payable makes an order of 350 million rbl.
Transport GUPy have got to the look-ahead plan of privatisation for 2006 at the initiative of committee on property and the ministries of transport and a road development of the region. 23 enterprises are included in the list on aktsionirovanie. Their actives are estimated approximately in 85 million rbl. Thus almost third of this sum it is necessary on two enterprises: Balakovsky passenger autoindustrial complex and the Saratov passenger motor transportation enterprise 5 . On a plan of committee on property and the area Ministry of Transport, all these GUPy should be aktsionirovany in 3 and 4 quarter 2006. Thus participations of the private capital in them it is not provided. As have explained in committee, all of 100 % of actions of created Open Societies will be transferred a uniform management company - regional to motor transport Management Organizational - which legal form is not defined yet.
it is necessary to notice that all is formal GUPy now are subordinated to regional management of transport. The Saratov region is one of the few in Russia where in branch of passenger autotransportations the centralised control has remained. Therefore the begun reform of this market is treated on - to a miscellaneous even in the state structures.
so, according to the minister - the chairman of regional committee on Alexander Bovtunova`s property, aktsionirovanie transport GUPov will help to involve investments into this branch. privatisation of transport agencies is expedient, as it will help to involve additional investments into the capital of the enterprises and will expand scales of their economic activities - the minister considers.
however in regional management of transport prefer more careful variant of succession of events. According to Olga Katushevoj`s head of department to speak about arrival of the private capital to suburban autotransportations while it is premature. suburban transportations carry out social function. As many areas of area have only bus service, we cannot stop them to serve only because these routes - unprofitable, - madam Katusheva considers. - Therefore the governmental concept first of all is necessary for fastening of the state control over passenger transportations .
the Management transport GUPov coming aktsionirovanie only welcomes. But at the same time a place for the private capital in the future Open Societies does not see. I like this idea, - the general director " has assured yesterday ; the Saratov passenger motor transportation enterprise 5 Alexander Sidorov. - only, in my opinion, the scheme aktsionirovanija should be worked so that we have been protected from unfriendly absorption. And that the slightest debts would not lead to change of the proprietor .