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nezavershenka . A series the second, added and improved

Moskomimuschestvo begins Today the second stage of competitive sale of objects

not complete building in Moscow. He promises to be more attractive
for investors, than previous as the part of objects is located in
enough prestigious and not too remote areas. Besides, on
information, degree of readiness of buildings will make 80 - 90 %.

by results of the first stage of competitive realisation nezavershenki
ended in the end of September, four firms - the intermediary which
will represent Moskomimuschestvo at carrying out of auctions and competitions are defined. Joint-stock companies " became them
the Russian agency of investments and real estate, Moscow central
burzha real estate; the Alpha - Estejt And the external economic association
Interstrojservis . By estimations of experts of Moskomimuschestvo, these firms
have most successfully spent the first stage of sale nezavershenki having realised more
half of prizes offered by Moskomimuschestvo.
the program of realisation of objects of not complete building is favourable both most
to Moskomimuschestvo, and firms - to intermediaries. Moskomimuschestvo throws off
objects with a minimum of efforts: all expenses for carrying out of competitions and auctions,
and also the advertising campaign organisation, incur firms - intermediaries.
interest of firms too is great: at the first stage their profit has made more
one million roubles (considering that for sale interesting objects have been offered not most
Till the end of the year the Moskomimuschestvo intends with the assistance of chosen by it of four
firms - intermediaries to realise 160 objects nezavershenki For a total sum more
one billion roubles. According to the experts, the new stage of competition
will involve much more investors. The prizes presented on sale, will
is defined today at Moskomimuschestvo session. The list of prizes will publish in

Moskomimuschestvo Phone: (095 299 - 21 - 26.