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Foreigners leave posts

Foreigners leave posts

past week the general director of a management company Share funds Kredit Sviss (Moscow) of joint-stock company Charles Mallori has resigned. The official reason of leaving - transition to other work. The released post will occupy it zam - Nikolay Klekovkin.

Since August of this year a management company Share funds the Credit Sviss (Moscow) of joint-stock company Nikolay Klekovkin earlier holding in this firm a post of the assistant of the general director will head. The former head of share funds the Credit of Sviss Charles Mallori has resigned in connection with transition to other work. However, as speak, not it became a leaving principal cause g - on Mallori. The Former head of a management company leaves Moscow on family circumstances. second half g - on Mallori, the Frenchwoman, ostensibly has not wished to live in Moscow.
it is necessary to notice that appointment as the first person in affiliated western structure of the Russian expert - rare event. The Russian professionals managed only supporting parts. Nikolay Klekovkin, following the results of last year entered into the twenty of the most highly paid traders, has appeared an exception.
as it has appeared, it not unique new appointment in structures Credit Suisse. As a result of the increased interest of the Russian and international investors to the market of Russian actions Credit Suisse Asset Management (which part share funds " are; the Credit of Sviss ) Has made the decision on expansion of a command of managing directors. Work was started at once by three new experts - Izabel Knight (earlier operating funds Central and the Eastern Europe the companies of investment funds Foreign and Colonial in London), the former senior expert in the analysis in Bransvik the Capital Management Sergey Tchernyshev and Dildora Jusupova - the expert in the analysis in East - the European group of the London Citybank.
what methods Credit Suisse has enticed good experts, g - n Klekovkin has not told, having referred that it is work head hunters ( hunters behind heads ) And in their arsenal - it is a lot of methods.
though many of them, probably, are known also to the new head of a management company the Credit of Sviss . It is Enough to remember history of year prescription when Nikolay Klekovkina have enticed in Credit Suisse from Boris Jordana`s command the Renaissance the Capital .

Vavilov all denies
last week has taken place a press - conference of head MFK of Andrey Vavilov. G - n Vavilov has explained present that hearings about ostensibly taking place plunder of budgetary funds are strongly exaggerated. Personnel shifts in group ONEKSIM - MFK - the Renaissance as he said, are not connected at all with this scandal.

As the former first deputy minister of the finance has explained to journalists, practice of financing of budgetary programs by securities is not something extraordinary. In this case payment of the transaction by securities has been carried out because in 1997 for financing MAPO in the budget has been provided only 97 million dollars.
G - n Vavilov has declared that any of participants of transactions (VPK MAPO and administration of Moscow Region) has not addressed with corresponding statements in law enforcement bodies.
as to delivery of planes of India it should be carried out on the basis of the order of the President #544 - rps and the governmental orders #1542 - 92. However till now the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation does not vise the intergovernmental report which from the end of last year is on execution at the chief of department of foreign credits and an external debt of Smirnova.
On a question of journalists that Andrey Vavilov is going to do in the near future, last has answered that how there were circumstances, it it is obligatory otguljaet the holiday.
however already in the middle of the week it became clear that Andrey Vavilov`s calmness was not affected. On Wednesday of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and Unicommercial bank have extended the joint statement devoted to results of check of Unicommercial bank, spent by workers the OPERA - 2. Check, it agree a press - to release, the widespread Central Bank, has revealed purely technical infringements under the authority of the account. Thus, extreme in scandal with the gone budget money there was Unicommercial bank which has recently renewed activity. In connection with the occurred events the first vice-president of its board Andrey Gloriozov has resigned. However, on Thursday the president of Unicommercial bank Nina Galanicheva has declared that shifts in bank it its domestic concern and any personnel decisions was not accepted .

the Ministry of Economics is engaged in preventive maintenance of deceits of investors
Recently in edition the representative of the Ministry of Economics has called and has complained that the position of its department in our note about the parliamentary hearings devoted to problems of protection of the rights of investors, is stated not absolutely precisely.

Earlier the chief of department of a credit policy of the Ministry of Economics of the Russian Federation Leonid Baron has declared that the problem of protection of the rights of private investors has lost the urgency after the beginning of work of Federal fund on protection of the rights of investors and shareholders. The legislative base, as he said, is created sufficient, and it is necessary to carry out the current legislation only accurately.
in some days this high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Economics has changed the point of view.
Leonid Baron: The problem of protection of the rights of investors till today remains very actual. Some positive shifts However, were outlined - now financial pyramids already a rarity and a gain of number of the deceived investors was essentially reduced.
money : So investors should be afraid today of that?
L. B.: I would allocate following directions of perfection of legal base. In - the first, protection of the rights of the investor against obviously unfair actions, better to say - swindle. But it not sphere of influence of Ministry of Economics.
in - the second, protection against commercial risks. In this area the insurance and reinsurance system while it, unfortunately, is not developed should work. We develop the project of reform of the enterprises in which the special section devoted to protection of the rights of investors, - actually is provided, it unites all documents devoted to this problem which left earlier.
the Third - protection against noncommercial, political risks. In this plan the above-stated systems of insurance and reinsurance as only they can guarantee to the investor indemnification of losses also are important.

each 100-th good bank - ours
There are in Russia big banks? According to English magazine The Banker - yes as 10 Russian have entered into the annual world rating of banks published by it on the size of the capital. In their last year was only 8.

For the first time to the list of 1000 largest banks of a planet Russian have got in 1994. Vneshtorgbank, the Savings Bank, Tokobank, Inkombank and bank " were them; Imperial . And though then they considerably conceded to leaders, occurrence of the Russian banks in this prestigious list testified to rather fast development of domestic bank system.
ten winners it is resulted in the table.

However traditional lists of the big banks is only purely symbolical pedestal a monument of bank glory .
it is amusing, but sight The Banker at a bank situation in Russia differs from ratings of the Russian editions a little. To take at least researches - the Rating .
On the size of the capital, according to this newspaper, the first place is strongly kept all - taki by national bank of the country - the Savings Bank, and Vneshtorgbank goes trace. If to make a start from the Russian rating a place in top - 1000 have deserved absolutely not not mentioned in publication The Banker National reserve bank, Avtobank and International Moscow, as their capital more than at MENATEPa, Mosbusinessbank and SBS - Agro .
Practical experience shows that any of existing techniques of definition of bank ratings is not deprived defects. Even to such indicative sign, as the size of the capital.

Tatyana ANDRIJANOVA, the Novel the BUG

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the Central Bank has withdrawn licences for realisation of bank operations at eight commercial banks
From them five capital: Russian credit bank, Lukojlsibbank, banks the Industrial credit Business Russia and Effektkredit and three - regional: vneshtorg - Region - bank (Orenburg), Bashprogressbank (Ufa), Musulmanbank (Perm).
to Moscow Eleksbanku since July, 15th the Central Bank has allowed to renew operations on a corresponding account because action of the order on a response of the bank licence at Eleksbanka is suspended. Such decision is accepted in connection with representation by Eleksbankom of the plan of financial improvement.

Nikolay Klekovkin - the Russian expert who has replaced on a post of the head of a management company Share funds Kredit Sviss (Moscow) of joint-stock company foreigner Charles Mallori.
Head MFK Andrey Vavilov denies all charges in the