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Empire Apple in Russia: four days without the deputy

official powers the new general representative

computer giant Apple Computer (USA) in Russia - the American firm
R on October, 5th has received. U. I. Period of validity of powers of its predecessor - the Moscow company
Intermikro - has expired on September, 30th so within four days the market
computers Macintosh in Russia remained without the official owner. It
event has practically coincided on time with firm Apple announcement about
considerable reduction of prices on the production.

Market strategy Apple provides rigid structure of a dealer network, in
which the basic link is Independent Marketing Company (IMC) -
the general representative of firm in the given region. Its problem - support
independent dealers who incur the obligation to trade in technics
Apple only at intermediary IMC.

the American firm R became New general representative Apple in Russia specially created
. U I. which employees about one month are in
to Moscow. Under their message, the firm has officially entered rights IMC to Russia 5
October. Term of action of powers Intermikro under the information, has expired 30
October. Thus, within four days the Russian market Poppies
remained without the official owner. However, according to representatives R. U I.,
this firm has already actually begun work, but till yesterday was not engaged
in sales. In official a press - release which will start to extend today
R. U I. It is said that the firm will carry out marketing and realisation
production Apple in Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Armenia. In others
republics of the former USSR Apple also plans to found the distributors and
a dealer network. In a press - release it is besides noticed that Intermikro
will continue distribution of production Apple as one of dealers.
the technical director Intermikro Anatoly Karachinsky in conversation with
the correspondent has noticed that firm R. U I. has come to Russia not on empty
a place: to it will get created Intermikro a dealer network both initial
the help and support of the predecessor.
change of horses on the Russian crossing Apple has occurred during the period extremely
an intense competition in the world market of personal computers. As
has reported REUTER, last week firm Apple declared about
considerable reduction of prices on the production that, under statement REUTER,
is the answer to recent similar actions of corporation IBM. On
to some models of computers Apple reduction of prices has reached 36 % - for example,
popular PC Macintosh Classic II costs now in America hardly more thousand
dollars instead of 1,7 thousand In Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe of the price on
Poppies according to Karachinsky, have not decreased yet.

phone R. U I. in Moscow: (095 229 - 11 - 36. A fax: 229 - 74 - 11.