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Discussion of the project of the budget of Moscow

at the next session of the eleventh session deputies proceeds Yesterday have continued

detailed discussion of the project of the budget on 1992 and have made the decision on the beginning
of working out of the project of the budget for 1993.

In accepted by deputies following the results of discussion the decision About the budget project
Moscow for 1992 it was offered to continue postatejnoe discussion
the project. It is entrusted to city administration to bring in the project text all
necessary updatings for postatejnogo statements profitable and account
parts. The constant commissions of the Moscow city council are obliged in
two-day term to consider prepared following the results of performances on
sessions of the eleventh session and work of the constant commissions of the Moscow Council
materials and to present to the constant commission on bjuzhdetno - the financial policy
the Moscow Council the offers proved by calculations.
during yesterday`s discussion of the governmental project of city budget
deputies have paid the basic attention to that the sum of a profitable part is obvious
is underestimated. So, in the performance the chairman of the commission on ground
to the politician Igor Shustov, has noticed that, by its calculations, incomes from rent
payments on the earth in a city make 10 mlrd roubles, in governmental
the project bjuzhdeta this figure is underestimated to 500 million By calculations of deputy Sergey
by Pyhtina, land tax should be in forty times above, than in the project,
prepared by city administration.
Otsustvie in a profitable part of the budget of the column of currency receipts, in opinion
the Chairman of the commission on economic policy and to business
Alexander Zholkova, conducts to neinformirovannosti deputies in a question about
the sizes and sources of currency receipts in the budget. He has declared that now in
working out stages are questions on attraction of the Italian credit in 105
million dollars and the German credit which size will be estimated in hundreds
million marks.
in the end of session after discussion of some organizational questions, deputies
have approved the project in which the decision on the beginning of working out budgetary
the message and the project bjuzhdeta cities for 1993 contains.