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Last auctions of export certificates this year will pass in October

Yesterday Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia has prepared for mailing

on stock exchanges lists of export quotas for October exchange auctions. As
have informed in the ministry, this package is intended for last series
auctions of export certificates this year.

with Anything essential employees of the Ministry
foreign economic relations of Russia have not pleased stockbrokers. The matter is that to sale on exchange
the auctions the insignificant package of new quotas this time is offered. In October
it is offered to stock exchanges to realise saw-timbers at a rate of 250 thousand t, business
wood - 250 thousand t, a breakage - a waste of ferrous metals - 20 thousand t, a breakage - a waste
aluminium - 10 thousand t, hire of ferrous metals - 60 thousand t, magnesium - 500 t.
In spite of the fact that the volume of quotas offered this time, much less,
than the last months, quotas it decided to divide fifty-fifty between all 11
the stock exchanges which have spent similar auctions in July - August.
as have informed the correspondent in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia, the sizes of quotas defined proceeding
from interests of potential buyers. The matter is that to realise the goods on
to the got certificates it is necessary till the end of current year. Taking into account it
the goods are allocated for carrying out only one series of auctions in the beginning of October.
according to responsibles of the ministry, the starting prices
it has been decided to leave at level of August. In their opinion, it is caused by that the prices on
the Russian and world stock exchanges for the last month have not undergone considerable
changes. Reduced prices only on saw-timbers and business wood, which
dispersed " is worse; at the previous auctions.
In connection with avalanche falling of a rouble exchange rate and the increased factor
efficiency of export operations many owners strategically important
raw materials will try to use, possibly, last possibility
to realise it.
nelli - SHMAKOV