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From the Varangian in Greeks

on April, 16th in magazine Money my article " has been published; Russian taki not uny
  From the Varangian in Greeks

on April, 16th in magazine Money my article " has been published; Russian taki do not despond - about a Russian-speaking community of Israel. The new story - about life in other country where nowadays, as well as in Israel, live hundred thousand people when - that carrying a rank the citizen of Soviet Union . So, Greece.

In a pursuit of a democracy phantom

Greeks the clever people, will leave our republic . (Z.Gamsahurdia, eks - the president of Georgia)

To begin with - small digression to history. In the USSR lived more than 1 million so-called pontijskih Greeks. They have arrived to us where - that in 1830 - 1870, escaping from Turkish oppression and hoping to find at brothers on orthodox belief understanding and protection. Have lodged basically in hospitable to Crimea and on caucasus. Threat of the violent reference in Islam has disappeared. It was replaced with threat violent obrusenija. At a monarchy the Greek language (schools, newspapers, theatres) to put it mildly, was not welcomed.
the Soviet power at first has opened such schools, newspapers and theatres. But the principle of Tarasa of Potatoes - " has then taken effect; I have generated you, I and will kill you . For the first time this principle has been tested on Nestore Apollonoviche Lakoba, the chairman of the council of ministers of Abkhazia, the Greek on a nationality. He has been killed in 1936. Then schools, newspapers and theatres in the Greek language have been closed. A principle of Tarasa of Potatoes have applied and to members of Communist party of Greece created in 1918 on Russian money. Many Greek communists lived in the USSR here again have died, having replaced the names with camp numbers.
the secretary general of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Greece companion Zahariadis, for example, has died under mysterious circumstances in the city of Surgut where has been banished under Nikolay`s surname. It has been recognised by guilty that from a concentration camp of Dachau it was rescued by the British army.
and at last, in 1949 pontijskie Greeks have been recognised by the people - the traitor and are deported within 24 hours. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Western Siberia, further with all stops. Back to caucasus and to Crimea have returned not soon, informally and not all.
it is no wonder that in the early nineties when democracy has blossomed, pontijtsy have remembered, where this sweet word is invented. (By the way, in Athenes in 1991 it was solemnly marked 2500 - letie democracies). Greeks began to leave. The nationality many long years bringing only troubles, has turned to means of transportation. Who ran from a nightmare created in Abkhazia who - from poverty, pulled someone in road simply bent for to adventures.


" can become the Greek; All people of art feel, as if they occur from Greece. Therefore I consider myself filellinom . (Mstislav Rostropovich)

If emigrated of the USSR, and then from Russia Jews instead of Israel quite often appeared to Italy, the USA, Canada, Australia, the republic of South Africa and many other countries, Soviet - Russian Greeks left to Greece, Greece and once again Greece. Well to Cyprus (southern, Greek) that is close and very similar.
I will remind that in the former USSR was more than 1 million Greeks. Now in their Russia about 92 thousand. Approximately as much, if it is not less - in all other republics CIS. By simple calculations it is possible to find out that from here has left where - that of 800 thousand Greeks. And has arrived to Greece - even hardly more.
The matter is that laws on the Greek citizenship are extremely liberal. Any person where it veins, can come to the Greek embassy brings the documents proving that he or someone from his parents is the Greek on a nationality, to write the application, to put photos - and all. The Greek citizenship is given to it.
anybody at all does not pay attention to such nonsense, as surnames and names. It is known that after terrible 1949 many pontijskie Greeks changed them on Russian (Apollo Janakis became, for example, Pavel Ivanov). The unique minor problem could be with the column a nationality available in the Soviet passport. In due time Greeks changed also this record.
But in so-called a confrontation in Abkhazia (1992 - 1994) The local population standard of living has sharply fallen, and chiefs of the Abkhazian passport offices have mastered a new kind of business. To any interested person (wishing) the passport with a word " stood out; the Greek or the Greek woman . It Costed extremely cheaply - approximately as a chocolate the Snickers .
And clear business, such passports, and after them and the Greek citizenship napoluchali not only true Greeks, but also the simple Russian guys who were engaged in the same Abkhazia in most profitable in local conditions in a kind of business - traffic in arms. And other Russian guys who were not concerning caucasus, but fairly believing: the Greek passport - a thing useful. Especially if law enforcement bodies do not like your Russian document (by the way, the late killer #1 Alexander Solonik was the citizen of Greece).

At civilisation sources

At the house of the Russian ambassador of the lady in evening dresses and misters in uniforms jump from a stone on a stone not to fall in a pool . (V.Demidov. Diary record about visiting of Athenes. 1835)

the Greek citizenship, as you can see, to receive simply. It will be the first and, most likely, last freebie for the emigrant. All the rest to achieve hardly.
for example, habitation. Or free of charge you live in barracks - carriages in so-called moving points that is a deaf province, or in a decent place, but on the.
to become the participant of any social program it is possible to a smaller part of immigrants. Though the set of the organisations is engaged in reception of immigrants, their means suffice basically on payment of salaries the employees.
this all bad news. And good news consists what to get used to the Greek life to our former fellow citizens easily enough from the psychological point of view. Style of life should not be changed especially. To turn from russopontikos (Greeks - pontijtsev from Russia) in ellines (Greeks from Greece) it is easy enough. Here a brothel - there a brothel. At us Orthodoxy - at them Orthodoxy (and at them it even has appeared earlier). At them Cyrillics - at us Cyrillics. Constantly there are familiar words, but sometimes other sense. For example, euphoria . It, appears, - tax inspection!
walking across Athenes, continually you see posters preserve Greece in purity . However, and in other cities there are such posters. For garbage emission in unstated places, garbage carrying out during hot day time and a fling of stubs under feet - large penalties. You, probably, have guessed that heaps of garbage thus lie at every turn. Yard keepers strike. It seems that already very much for a long time.
In public transport, it agree to the data of the official statistics, every fourth Greek does not pay journey. As to an individual transport... To drive the car in Greece - employment not for nervous. Any driver of the traffic regulation did not observe, does not observe and is not going to observe. More half of cars of the country - second-hand foreign cars. On their import extortionate duties are established. The rest - motor scooters and motorcycles. Them teenagers and old women operate even. The traffic police, as well as is necessary, appears on road extremely seldom and for the only purpose - to earn additionally. The blessing, it is possible to fine everyone.
but the line of the Greek life closest to new Russia - the loyal relation to the organised crime. For example, Greeks are engaged in contraband of cigarettes within the limits of the European Union. The cigarettes which have been taken out from the countries with high duties on tobacco ostensibly in the countries where there are no such duties, having strayed a little, come back to Europe - to pleasure as to consumers, and smugglers. Well-known that head a cigarette mafia call Steles Kologos. Well also what?
When the Greek parliament discussed a question on the introduction into the Schengen community and opening of borders with other EU countries, the simple people were dissatisfied. How so - to allow any German policeman to arrest native Greek gangsters?

in a pursuit for long hiljarikom

Went the Greek through the river,
sees the Greek - in the river a cancer,
has put the Greek a hand in the river,
to the Greek a cancer for a hand - krak!
(Russian national song about sad destiny of the person who has left to Greece)

Money in Greece remind of Russia. 1 Greek drachma is approximate is equal to 20 Russian roubles. Speaking more clear language, $1 = 290 drachmas. However, the course of a currency exchange fluctuates in different exchange offices from 250 to 330 drachmas for one dollar.
Therefore salaries, and especially the prices, are measured basically in thousand and millions. Just as in Russia one thousand became for a long time a piece at the former Russians in Greece the basic schetnoj is selected by unit hiljarik . The word it has occurred from an inscription on a piece of paper advantage of 1000 drachmas - hilies drahmes . One hiljarik, equal to three - to four US dollars, - the most running and clear monetary unit.
trousers in the ware market - one hiljarik. A set of products from a supermarket, suitable for a dinner on one person, - two - three hiljarika. The monthly rent - from 30 hiljarikov for one-room to 90 hiljarikov for two-room.
the usual salary of the inhabitant of other country which have arrived to Greece constantly or temporarily, - from 8 to 15 hiljarikov in day.
arrived constantly and arrived on earnings are absolutely different categories of people. constants - pontijskie Greeks - are able to speak on - is Greek and want to find work for which well pay. time - basically Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Moldavians, inhabitants of the Russian province, for $600 a month are ready to do all. And for a great sum - it is even more. For packing of bricks and to that of similar work of knowledge of language ne treba.
Illegal workers from the CIS in Greece - though take away. To take away, the so-called economic police is engaged. But as the employer receives huge benefit, employing negrekov, the part of this benefit quite suffices on a resolution of conflicts with the authorities.
especially it is not necessary to choose work. In spite of the fact that pontijtsy have managed to achieve already through the constitutional court that many diplomas of the Russian high schools admitted on a level with Greek. The constitutional court - that has agreed with them. Employers - are not present.
If, for example, you will meet the announcement of the private doctor promising large discounts Russian-speaking, in the Greek newspaper know - he Russian-speaking, and radical Greeks to it simply do not go.
to women in Greece the most ancient trade is the most accessible. Officially it is called - studio - massage . And speaking Platon`s language - Socrat - the Homere - Rosida, putanu, to visit (for not knowing the Greek language I translate - Russian..., give to you I will come ) . However, from - for sharp oversaturation of the market the Greek frontier guards began to develop some young ladies from the CIS directly at the airport.
Besides, women can work on konsumatsii that is much more difficult and less profitable, than prostitution. To untwist visitors of a bar that they drank (the owner more the percent from the sum spent on drink by the client) pays.
And here as the waiter to work not bad enough though and it is necessary to know the Greek language slightly. To Greece, as it is known, there comes a large quantity of foreign tourists. Including from the countries which have not got used to that at restaurant them shorthanded. Are guilty!, As it is known, it is necessary to learn fools.
the best way of training is expressed in drawing to the client of an abacus in pure Greek language. If the reptile - the client has received classical education it is possible to make easier and to write in the account: a dish #1, a dish #2 and etc. Each piece of bread, naturally, is considered for one dish. It is necessary to take tip twice - having written down in the account under the name table layout and then over the account.
if the owner unfastens to the waiter for each client who managed to be enticed into restaurant then it is possible to use Russian past. In any Greek city always there will be a heap of the Russian shuttles which have arrived behind cheap fur coats. It is necessary to agree simply with the head of group about a discount - at a rate of half of the money received from the owner.
following trades are accessible to immigrants also: the nurse, the seller, the cleaner, the dishwasher. And it practically all.
but if any way the Greek of Russian origin nevertheless managed to get money, them always is on what to spend. In Greece there are two newspapers in Russian (truth, a part of pages on Ukrainian and Greek) - Russian beacon and Omonia . Last is named so in honour of the Athenian area of Omonia which are the centre of a Russian-speaking civilisation. The area dusty enough and opposite, with set of cars. But there there is a news-stand with the seller speaking on - russki; restaurant Station where Russian national songs like " constantly sound; the Boy wants to Tambov ; there sell books of Russian-speaking publishing house Iapetos . Among authors - the favourite writer pontijtsev - migrants of Polinikis Sidiropulos and Greek Konan - Doyle Nikolay Samovarov.
there it is possible to order to itself the aerial - a plate (70 hiljarikov for new, 50 - for second - hand) and instead of the Athenian television with its boring soap opera Lampsi and cock-and-bull stories about Russian mafia to look native ORT and NTV. And any optimistic thoughts will come to a head. Like: At them there only 850 years to Moscow, and at us 2506 as democracy! .


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the Cargoship the Falcon registered in Ukraine, it has been detained by the Greek patrol nearby to port Palea Fokea on Aegean sea. Onboard were about 200 illegal immigrants, preparing to fill up many thousands army guest workers from the CIS countries.