Rus News Journal

New people in the new government

continuation of events of week passed becomes the Cores this week.

Executive power intends to make active interest of the population, and together with
it and share institutes to privatisation checks. As a part of most
executive power within the limits of reorganisation of its structure, probably,
there will be first personnel shifts.
a little on the second plan event which in the long term
considerable impact on economic life of republic can make will develop:
preparation of changes in the Law of RSFSR About the Central bank of RSFSR (Bank
Russia) .

the process which has Begun on last week of reforming of structure central
enforcement authorities will be continued at personal level. Quite
it is natural that it will are connected with personnel changes in structure
the governments. First of all it will concern the bodies forming industrial and
the agricultural policy as it leaders
" for a long time achieve; the Civil union and fractions of the parliamentary centre supporting them.
as the major candidate on a post of the head of the State committee
on the industrial policy is called 33 - the summer trustee Russian
the union of industrialists and businessmen Michael Jurev. Its chances considerably
above, than at other applicants, as a nominee young
the businessman (Jurev is the co-owner of industrial group Interprof )
support not only representatives the Civil union but also Egor Gaydar.
appointment g - on Jureva can become precedent of occurrence as a part of an office
the person from new Russians .
the Post of the vice-president of the government on questions agropromyshlenogo
a complex (which introduction at least four months Alexander Rutsky achieved
), probably, will be occupied with Igor Gavrilov working vitse - the prime minister
in Ivan Silaeva`s government. In case of appointment to this post g - on
Gavrilova at the head of the agricultural block will appear the professional,
consistently enough supporting introduction of market relations in
agriculture and free purchase and sale of the earth.
not less considerable can become in development of week of event around
preparations of possible change of subordination of the Central Bank of Russia. In
conformity with instructions of president Yeltsin the Russian Ministry of Finance till October, 10th
should prepare the bill of Russia About modification of the Law of RSFSR
About the Central bank of RSFSR (Bank of Russia) ., on
the preliminary information, inclusion in the position Law about
to transfer of control functions behind the Central bank from parliament
to the government can become essentially new. As the apologetic of changes the requirement of carrying out rigid and co-ordinated
credit - the financial policy in interests of rescue of national currency -
rouble will be used
most often.
at the same time as it became known from the sources close to Central
to the bank, in the near future the Bank hardly will undertake any active
the actions connected with currency interventions at a stock exchange for stay
of falling of a rouble exchange rate. How heads of the government and Central
bank intend stabiliziroat the Russian currency, it is not known yet. Egor
Gaydar and Victor Gerashchenko intend to use everything, up to monetary
reforms . The first deputy minister of the finance of Russia Andrey Vavilov it is oath
has assured last week deputies that preparations for reform it is not conducted. Who
from them the rights, this week we hardly learn.
however, not absolutely pleasant (for businessmen and well-founded
citizens) measures the government can already undertake a number this week. By words
g - on Vavilov, the list of luxury goods in the near future will be expanded,
which import will be assessed with especially high duties. Besides, the Ministry of Finance
intends to make the offer on inventory expansion from which
the duty will be raised. It, by words g - on Vavilov, speaks
necessity of search of new sources of financing of the budget in connection with
coming (since January, 1st, 1993) decrease to 20 percent of the tax on
the added cost.
the beginning of campaign for distribution of vouchers, and also numerous statements
the chairman of the State Property Committee Anatoly Chubays about their various
advantages (that they were advantage of 200 thousand roubles suddenly steels 50
thousand) to receive privatisation checks have not warmed up desire (about what
testify results of the first days of their distribution). More likely, there was a desire from
them to get rid, and is simple for money (even for wooden ) Instead of for actions
the privatised enterprises. In interests of stimulation of activity of operations
with vouchers as with securities in a current of this is the beginning of the next week
executive power (the president and the government) can make decisions,
which will considerably change sphere of realisation of privatisation checks. By words
Anatoly Chubays, the project of the decree resolving acquisition on
vouchers of objects of the municipal property and the ground areas is already prepared.
even if such decree will not be signed, in itself similar statements
head Goskomumishchestva (duplicated, by the way, at the Moscow level
Juriev Luzhkov - we too have prepared such decisions ) Can become the reason
to activity fondovikov on accumulation of privatisation checks that,
is natural, can raise their market cost in comparison with face value.