Rus News Journal

Deputies prokatili two projects

At yesterday`s separate session of Council of republics and the Soviet of nationalities

have been considered two bills: Bases of a legal status independent
districts of the Russian Federation and About a freedom of assembly, demonstrations and others
public actions . Deputies in the first reading not
have accepted both bills.

As deputies of Council of Republics have found out, in infringement of the federal contract
the Law text was not discussed in edges, areas and autonomous regions Russian Federations, and
any recommendations from their party in VS has not arrived.
the representing bill Nikolay Zhochkin could not answer the majority
set under the text of the law of questions. The presented project, other part led by Oleg Rumjantsevym completely
suggests to finish a part of deputies
rejects the approach put in the project to the rights of autonomous regions and
offers the concept in which basis there is one modelling contract
- according to it separate bilateral agreements between
Russia and autonomous regions consist.
deputies have stated remarks under the property matter of law on natural
resources and other objects which are in territory of autonomous region.
deputy Zhochkin has informed that consultations on a property problem
were spent, and a unique place to Russia where have arisen on this soil
contradictions, is Krasnoyarsk region. To it it is attributed under the law of 1953
the Norilsk industrial region which is actually being in territory
of Tajmyrsky autonomous region.
Deputies have decided to send the bill on completion with the note
it is obligatory to acquaint all interested and instead of voting on
to the project in the first reading to take the received information into consideration, and to take out
consideration of the law on the rights of autonomous regions to one of the following
sessions of Council of republic . In the Soviet of nationalities the bill
has been accepted in the first reading.
the bill About a freedom of assembly, demonstrations and others public
actions it was taken out on the first reading simultaneously from committee Supreme
Council about mass media and personally from the president of Russia.
despite careful and all-round study of this document, deputies
both chambers prokatili it, having referred to incomplete accuracy of formulations -
for example, not clearly, What to consider as demonstration, and that simply walk
small group of people . And in this connection have reproached representing
the bill of the officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Luchinsky (the responsible secretary of committee
on mass media) with inadvertent attempt of infringement of the rights
the person.
according to Luchinsky, the law which deputies in every way tried
to reject, bringing the most various amendments and offers up to
regulations of rest of citizens on a lawn ostroneobhodim in connection with growth
social intensity in a society.
thus, from two bills considered yesterday in parliament
one of them has not been accepted in the first reading by both chambers.