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Yesterday at the Chinese restaurant Mej Hua decade sychuanskoj kitchens has begun.

such decades of kitchens of various Chinese provinces are spent here 2 - 3 times

in a year. This time with cooks Mej Hua their colleagues from
Sichuan will impart experience. New dishes are entered into the menu some. It is natural that ours
the correspondent DARYA TSIVINA has decided to get acquainted and with new cooks, and with
new dishes from China.

Having arrived to restaurant, I have first of all come on kitchen. Cook Sun Sijan Chijan from
Sichuan has appeared very sociable person, besides well speaking
on - anglijski. He, of course, has not wished to open any secrets, but willingly
has told that the main difference sychuanskoj kitchens that it the sharpest
from all provincial kitchens of China. Using usual black pepper,
sychuanskie cooks manage to process it in such a manner that all dishes
get an exclusive sharpness. As has explained me Sun Sijan Chijan,
sychuanskaja the kitchen is so sharp, however Shanghai is sweet.
decade sychuanskoj kitchens was marked by occurrence in the menu only 5 sychuanskih
dishes not to impose to visitors of the sharp predilections. Counting
on our compatriots, cooks try to soften even usual sharp
the Peking dishes, but not at the expense of replacement of products, and only varying them
red curtains and cloths, the Chinese small lamps, screens, silent Chinese
music - all in accuracy on Van Veju: a smoke kureny carpets and mats are full . I
have ordered to the Russian waitress of snack, and in some minutes on big
the spinning circle occupying all table, there was a set small
plateaus. From the waitress I have learnt that sweetish gentle meat in soya
sauce (815 rbl.) differently are called meat of five aromas as it cooks
in the way hoj in a broth with five necessary spices and only after that
it is filled in with soya sauce. Salad from cabbage (470 rbl.) was close to taste
turned sour - to sweet cucumbers (508 rbl.), and vegetable salad with fyntiazoj - starched
noodles (610 rbl.) - appearance reminded carrots on - east
(475 rbl.).
I have had time to turn some times a circle with zakuskmi therefore
contents of plates have become scanty, and soon before me there was Chinese
a porcelain cup with a spoon, and in it - the Chinese soup with mushrooms in - er and mu - er
(410 rbl.) . Mu - er in transfer with Chinese - serebrjannye ears. These are transparent
and hrjashchevatye mushrooms which grow in high mountains. And in - er - wood ears
- are moulded to stubs in lowlands.
after soup to me have brought a cup with fried rice (330 rbl.) and soya sauce. To
to happiness, I remembered that rice and sauce in Chinese cuisine do not intend the friend
for the friend. Both that, and another - only addition to hot dishes and to try
there is a rice with sauce - same mauvais ton in China, as well as bread with mustard in
breaks between dishes at Europeans. In some minutes the circle again
has been jam-packed. First of all I have hastened to try meat in aroma
the Chinese mushrooms mu - er (900 rbl.) - A favourite dish of emperor Pu - and. Having regretted,
that Bernardo Bertolucci has not allocated this major, by sight gourmets,
a detail in Last emperor I with special attention have concerned it
to a dish. However meat has appeared the most ordinary, therefore, having solved that Pu - and was
not the present gourmet, I have chosen all - taki meat in turned sour - sweet sauce
(815 rbl.), well-known to me under books of the Chinese cookery. A subtlety
this popular dish that meat slices are fried in maximum
kolichesve oils, better to say, not in semihot fans mo or chao, and in hot fan
chzha. It has appeared that this dish is not an innovation, and is present in
the constant menu. And here sychuanskie novelties - flower meat zhu - hua,
issued in the form of a flower (900 rbl.), and a hen bam - bam, cut by straws
(910 rbl.) Have not seemed to me much more sharply the Peking pepper with meat
(825 rbl.) or stewed eggplants (850 rbl.). And new, and postojanye dishes
were so tasty that they were be not to tried, as something exotic, and
simply is. With occurrence on a table of meat with nutlets (385 rbl.) To me were remembered
words of great Chzhuan Tszy: How many some brushwood not to bring in hands, it all
will equally burn through. But fire is thrown further, and nobody knows, where to it
the end .
Meat with nutlets has reminded again of last emperor of China. It appears,
this dish have invented specially for his mother - tsarinas Tsa Si. Nuts were it
passion. About it I have learnt from the waitress and for reliability I do not answer. But
I can tell that meat with nuts very much was pleasant to me...

the restaurant address: Rusakovsky street, 2/ 1, p. 1. Phone: (095 264 - 95 - 74.