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In silent family to a circle of shareholders, representatives of broker firms and exchange council the Stock exchange of Metals celebrated yesterday the first birthday. Exactly year has passed from the date of its constituent assembly. family the celebration has taken place at restaurant Assol at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre (byvsh. VDNH). The idea of creation of a stock exchange was born in the metallurgy Ministry in May, 1991, it has been registered in June, and definitive registration has received only in the beginning of last October.

the stock exchange device totals only 75 persons who in the majority, trained for a new profession in brokers from ministerial employees. The stock exchange is guided by an effective utilisation of existing capacities of the metallurgical enterprises: the income is supposed to be received not only at the expense of manufacture, but also at the expense of operation of warehouse and transport. For a year at a stock exchange it has been concluded transactions for a total sum 2,5 mlrd rub (on metals it is necessary an order of 77 %; 1,8 - 1,9 billion rbl. ). The monthly turn makes 200 - 400 million roubles that in a present standard of price, especially on nonferrous metals, modestly enough.
despite long crisis of exchange trade, a management of the Stock exchange of Metals with confidence looks in tomorrow.

Phone of the Stock exchange of Metals: (095 217 - 37 - 72

the Dream to live in the house became a reality for a stock exchange the Russian paper . The pavilion # 61 All-Russia Exhibition Centres will be this house henceforth. The lease on 3,5 million roubles a year between administration were VDNH and a stock exchange is concluded for a period of 7 years. It is an original record as term of rent of premises in territory of an exhibition does not exceed two years.
finding by a stock exchange of own house has afflicted heads ITAR - TASS, a conference - which hall till this moment she rented. The agency has lost 375 tys roubles a quarter. To management ITAR - TASS to which would like but while in any way it is not possible to get rid of an unflattering rank state employees this money gave some financial freedom which on advantage the state employee can estimate only. However to ordinary employees of agency from rupture of the lease contract neither hot, nor it is cold. Perhaps, turn steels in the TASSOVSKY dining room are only shorter. Moreover the gain of buffet from coffee sale as this drink is accessible at the price, mainly, to brokers, instead of owners was reduced.

stock exchange phone the Russian paper : (095 181 - 94 - 72.

On factories Reno in Lyons (France) on September, 3rd there has arrived a pre-production model of the new Lvov long-distance bus with the engine of this firm. As have informed in a press - production association bureau the Lvov bus factory After tests for roads of Ukraine, the car has gone to France that on a place to pass certification in world famous firm and to receive the European certificate without which since January of the next year entrance of any transport on territory of the Western Europe will be forbidden.

on September, 3rd in the extreme north of the Tyumen region (Nadym) is officially put trust settlement Severgazstroj . Here there will be begun working out large jamsovejskogo a gas deposit. After creation of life-support systems of the personnel the construction of the first trade installations on gas production and a lining of gas pipelines will begin. Creation jamsovejskih gas crafts is provided in the recent decree of the president of Russia About development of fuel power .

the Contract on joint working out of two oil deposits in Caspian sea is signed on September, 2nd by Azerbaijan, the American company Pennsoil and Scottish Remco. As have informed in the Azerbaijan State oil concern, in working out of deposits it will be already enclosed $2,5 billion By this time getters have constructed five platforms and have drilled 170 chinks with daily productivity almost 40 thousand tons of oil. The agreement provides also recycling of passing gas. It will give the chance to improve a state of environment considerably.