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Video pirates have left “ Ostankino “ without “ Star wars “

on October, 4th for the first time in history a domestic teleether from 1 channel “ Ostankino “

as piracy the film " has been shot; Star wars “ bought for display without cinema -
and the video rights. The decision on it was accepted within the limits of successfully come to the end
on October, 3rd, though and hardly not broken in the beginning, in Moscow actions “ not Stolen
cinema “ - a marathon of the European and American pictures bought in 1992.

the Picture “ Star wars “ George Lukasa (the first and profit-making film with
use of an electronic drawing) has been got by Consolidation “ the World “ in
theatrical hire without a body - and the video rights also should be shown in the evening
on October, 4th on the first channel “ Ostankino “. However has been removed from an aether by management
studios of film programs 3 hours prior to display.
Andron Konchalovsky has regarded withdrawal of a film from a broadcasting company aether
“ Ostankino “ as “ one of the effective measures on struggle against a piracy in
Russia “. The broadcasting company has bought up “ Star wars “ with a package of others
pictures for the sum over 1 million rbl. As has informed the correspondent the representative
action organising committee “ not Stolen cinema “ the film businessman Marina Trubina, “ in
frameworks of the action of Soveksportfilm has warned ` Ostankino ` about responsibility. For
it it was necessary to contact the owner of a picture - a movie company
XX - th Ρentury fox. She also has demanded a management ` Ostankino ` to withdraw a film from
an aether, having relieved thereby the largest broadcasting company of Russia of a rank
the video pirate “.
Arrived on closing of the action with apologies the director of studio of film programs
“ Ostankino “ Vladimir Shmakov has declared to the correspondent that the company intends
a tax on Consolidation “ the World “ in court. Moreover, All-Russia
a broadcasting company and a broadcasting company “ Ostankino “ declared the decision
to toughen requirements to advertising: now films,
having state rolling certificates will be advertised only. And to watch observance
laws Konchalovsky was caused. As he said, it will do it “ not worse
a sentry dog “.
the Visitor of festival the vice-president of Russia Alexander Rutsky has expressed confidence,
that the action “ not Stolen cinema “ becomes the main step on a way of signing by Russia
to the Bern convention and on October, 3rd in And/ About “ the Movie centre “ In a narrow circle (on
a solemn supper upon termination of festival) has promised to support organizers
in the Supreme body. There in the nearest two weeks it should be considered new
the project of the state rolling certificate and measures on
to struggle against cinema - and video larceny will be taken. For the first time in Russia will be punished
directors of cinemas and the persons giving to a copy of pictures.
successfully come to the end action has caused many rumours. The majority of films,
participating in the competitive program, it is possible to get on videocassettes and
to look in video salons of Russia. Besides a number of the copies presented
prokatchikami at festival, were, to put it mildly, poor-quality. Has added oil
to fire and news about piracy display on the Moscow cable TV the day before
opening of the action of the first festival film “ the Lawn-mower “
(a futuristic thriller on motives of the novel of Stephen King, 1992, the director
Brett Leonard, enters into first ten video hits of Europe). In conversation with
the correspondent the director of the presidential program of an exchange Gregory Guroff
(USA) which intends to carry out in Moscow in 1994 large festivals
“ History of Hollywood “ and “ Sources of the American democracy “ named it obvious
a failure and has noticed that “ video piracy revelry in Russia does display of pictures
the USA within the limits of the future festivals problematic “. As he said, producers of the USA
and so with the big reluctance carry the production to Russia: “ If position with
larceny does not change, Americans will reserve the right to itself for film boycott “.
Experts name a case with “ the Lawn-mower “ rather indicative:
the English film which has hardly reached of the American market, goes in video salons
Russia and is on sale on cartridges. On October, 3rd the general sponsor of festival Igor
Malyshev declared that prokatchiki intend to call pirates to account through
the owner of a picture English company Castle Tavget International. However, on
to opinion of experts, will make it hardly. As And/ About “ the Movie centre “
bought from English company Castle Tavget International for 50 thousand dollars
the rights to film hire “ the Lawn-mower “ under the contract possesses only
the film rights, and the video rights will receive only in 1,5 years.