Rus News Journal

Books which left last week, are worthy fans a lung family reading if it is possible to rank detectives as that, fantasy horror etc. the foreign authors who a priori are considered as masters of these genres Are published.

the international best seller, to be exact megaseller (it is published by mullions-strong circulations almost in all European languages) - Stephen KING`S novel the Dead zone - for the first time leaves in Russia legally: the rights to its edition are bought by the Moscow independent publishing house VAGRIUS . It is known that once S.King has told that its triumph will come when somebody, reading its book, will die of heart rupture. Really, the novel plot is that that gets the reader in such jungle into which it for what has not got. However, to it style " also differs; horror - literatures of horrors in which King works.
Two new novels of Italian coryphaeus LUIGI MALERBY - the Greek fire and the Snake - are let out one of these days in a series LG - the Best seller under one cover. They are absolutely various on a genre, a theme and style. A historical detective - a drama the Greek fire it is devoted intrigues at court of the Byzantian emperors. These intrigues are conducted round a secret of manufacturing of the incendiary mix known under the name the Greek fire . She allowed the Byzantian fleet to dominate on Mediterranean sea more than five centuries. The reader the Greek fire it will be grasped by whirlpool of fatal passions, crimes, fights and cruel race for power. The novel the Snake - a confession of the madman, absurd combination real and invented. Malerba tries to get into soul of the person which is sick and strangled by own hardest complexes.
Round the Great Ring of the Power events of the well-known epopee grandmastera " are developed; fantasy J. River TOLKIENA Lord Kolets which third part is let out in St.-Petersburg by publishing house severo - the West and Moscow the Rainbow . Both editions are almost symbolically complete in a year of century from the date of a birth of the author - professors of Oxford and the great writer, presented to the world the own new world - Sredizeme. It is the world elfov, people, gnomes and wise hobbits whom drops out to decide destiny of the Ring of the Power. As it has appeared, to it, to hobbits, the power in an empire of evil is not necessary. And the cosy mink, a family, a six-single food and kind relations with relatives are necessary.
two higher awards of the USA for products in a science fiction genre - Hjugo and nebjula the novel of URSULY LE GUIN " is awarded; the Left hand of darkness let out by the Perm publishing house Janus . Imperfect and cruel okrainnye the worlds of a galaxy expect the reader on pages of this book.
the higher difference American associations of authors of a detective - the Diamond dagger - DIK FRENSIS has been awarded, the master of a detective who enters into ten the most published authors of a detective genre and whose collected works in 4 - h volumes has let out publishing house a Terra . In novels of Frensisa the pro - the inspector, and the jockey, the trainer, the bookmaker, the judge, the owner of a horse operates usually not. The intrigue develops promptly, as races. Hero Frensisa - it is traditional the strong man the clear head, loves humour and it is obligatory - horses and is not capable on unsportsmanlike behaviour neither in life, nor in sports.
the two-volume book of the French writer of SEBASTENA ZHAPRIZO, the outstanding master of a thin psychological detective has come out. All transfers of the edition are carefully verified under originals. Into the two-volume book have entered not only widely known the Lady in the car in points and with a gun but also the most mysterious novel of the writer - the Trap for the Cinderella .
to get the driver`s licence to the edition of all last novels With. ZHAPRIZO Valery Orlov, the translator and the owner of publishing house " intend; Eagles and the son . With that end in view it goes one of these days to Paris.
the Petersburg publishing house LOGOS has started the edition 125 - languid collected works adventure and scientifically - the fantastic genre, published in the end XIX - the beginning of the XX-th centuries the Russian publisher P.P.Sojkinym. Current week there were first five volumes of a series. They included products of FREDERIKA MARRIET. Besides, for the first time since 1917 READ, Alexander DUMA, LUI BUSSENAR, by ZHJUL VERN, ANDRE LORI, LUI ZHAKOLJU and REDJARD KIPLING will be completely published Robert STEVENSON, RYDER HAGGARD, Main. Library Sojkina edition is planned to carry out within ten years.