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In the RESTAURANT VARIETY SHOW “ the OLYMPUS “ it was quiet enough at today`s night. Visitors had a rest rather peacefully, strong scandals were not, as there were no even especially loud toasts. But even habitues have been discouraged by behaviour fairly accepted “ on a breast “ one of regular customers of a night institution. The dancer who has appeared on a scene - the gipsy so has amazed its imagination that he has decided to join it immediately. Not minutes without hesitating, it has scrambled on a scene and has started to dance round it “ something “ simultaneously sprinkling the partner dvadtsatipjatirublevymi with denominations. According to experts, in numerous frills of the gipsy has got stuck not less than five thousand roubles and about that got on a floor. The Russian businessman has appeared the dancer and literally has plaintively asked not to publish his name.

experts notice that it any more the first case “ a part “ from a hall. In the night from Saturday to Sunday here the whole group of the American tourists has climbed up a scene, having arranged present “ a green rain “. After the performance termination “ deposits “ have completely disappeared.

restaurant Phone “ the Olympus “: (095 246 - 01 - 71

“ TRAVEL CARDS “ In “ the MOSCOW EXPRESS TRAIN “. In recently opened night disco “ the Moscow express train “ the original lottery has been this night played. Present counters with numbers, on which then opredili the won have been given out. Cheerful diskzhokej declared a prize - “ uniform “ giving the chance free pass on a disco on Wednesdays and Fridays. Two young girls without certain employment and one influential Ryazan businessman have appeared winners. Experts have noticed that this night in a disco ladies prevailed. It, certainly, is connected by that an input for women - always free.

phone of a night disco: (095 447 - 48 - 58

In the CASINO “ VALERI “ it was cloudless and quiet enough, game went the turn. The present rendered preference to a roulette. In a hall was the person thirty that for a casino of such sizes it is possible to name a chaos safely. Behind tables for Black Jàck rest and the silence reigned, some croupiers even cultural yawned. Experts have noted the strengthened protection this night - instead of habitual four persons has been exposed eight, it was not possible to find out the exact reason of that for correspondents. Assumptions, possibly, it is necessary to connect with taking recently a place in this institution relation findings-out between businessmen from caucasus, accompanied infringements of an order.

casino phone “ Valeri “: (095 939 - 96 - 11

the CASINO “ TARS “ taking earlier from visitors on 5 dollars for an input, from last night starts up all starts up free of charge. Ambitious experts connect it with article in our pilot number. But despite free entrance, visitors almost were not. Besides kriminogennaja conditions round hotel “ Ukraine “ in which raspologaetsja a casino, left much to be desired.
about o`clock in the morning of four fairly tipsy misters from the south of the CIS have arranged fight about an input in a casino that not only has frightened off potential players and casual passers-by, but also the attention of local police station has drawn.

casino phone: (095 243 - 30 - 11

CASINO MOSCOW suited to the clients in the night from Saturday to Sunday a small surprise - whisky presentation “ Jim Bim “. There was a president of the company making this drink. Tasted, naturally, all without an exception. Experts have noted excellent taste burbona and the joyful agiotage aggravated with free champagne which in a casino from this night moves all free of charge.

casino phone: (095 975 - 19 - 67