Rus News Journal

The minister of foreign economic relations of Russia Peter Aven in the morning on October, 5th hastened on office to Volga GAS - 3102 with alarm majachkom for work. On Leninsk the prospectus its driver has taxied on a strip dividing transport streams, and catching up with another Volga similarly broken rules, ran into it. The minister has received a foot bruise, at the car the right door and a wing are rumpled. Other participants of incident have not suffered. Despite unexpected trouble, g - n Aven has continued the way on the motor vehicle caused by it and already in 9. 30 as in what happened has spent the worker planerku. According to the chief a press - the centre of the ministry of Andrey Silanteva, this collision was not attempt at the minister: in failure has resulted mutual infringement of rules by ministerial driver Nikolay Bojarinovym and 64 - the summer owner of other beaten car Alexander Ladurom. Now Peter Aven feels well and works in the usual mode.

Early in the morning on October, 4th in Suvorovsky parkway 41 - summer Alexander Fedulov, the driver of the joint venture Sovtels on belonging to Nissan firm - 532 has made arrival on the young man of the Caucasian nationality 22 - 25 years which passed street in not put place. The young man has died, and as at it there were no documents, in an establishment of its person now are engaged in 2 - m is judicial - a medical mortuary where its body has been delivered.

the Next trouble on the Kutuzovsky prospectus nearby Good shop (the house 26, trade for roubles) and trading - expocentre Moscow (the house 31, for currency). The visitor of one of these really good institutions, the man of 40 years, leaving shop with purchases, was run over by a car. With concussion of a brain and the closed crisis of the right hip the victim is delivered in 64 - ju hospital. Doctors first aid Assert that on this place arrivals on pedestrians happen constantly: twenty strips concerning good road dull vigilance of drivers, and the foreign cars parked at facades of these buildings, distract their attention.

the citizen of Afghanistan Sharifutdin Abdul, parking the car of Fiat - 131 - S Sunday morning near a Moscow State University hostel in the street Vernadsky, has worried very unpleasant instant, having heard a bump directly at itself over a head. It has appeared that the dent in a roof of its car was done by the big weighty frying pan started from one of last floors 22 - a floor building. The malefactor remained the unknown person. Dvornichiha, the witness to incident, has noticed that happens and not such. Recently, for example, on a lawn before a hostel the refrigerator " has dived; JUrjuzan .